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I finished is having your needs met by something that doesn't love you can be corrosive to your soul and inject just because he had a people are lonely and i was like shit. He caught me being a little bit holier than thou and me judging that guy yeah exactly what if i go up and i would if i ruin his world. Wait what that too right. That's horrible but it's also horrible to me. When they find out they were dating salaam. You know what i mean. And so i said not much of a strip club guy in this this this person in portland was like. Oh no you have to like some of the most fun restaurants are straight and you're like oh so as you were saying yes contextual. You've been around even montreal. You've been in before. Yeah never never once been even close to any movement in my groin region and even if there was that's the best case scenario you leave there and you're like well. What do you guys want to get wings. That's funny like the best case. Scenario is a let down the best case scenario as bluebells paying see. That's never been my thing. And then i can't tell him seuss to lighten up on the pressure. I'm not gonna go like what's the ray off menu handy also. I don't want one right. I really don't try to be a good guy. No it's not real now. She doesn't like. I turned down and she doesn't like him. She doesn't even like me. Yeah that's right and Sex trafficking israel fucking. Oh my god yes yeah. Yeah but really am. I solving the problem by declining the handy. I should indiana jones them out of there and we're back to liam neeson's i was getting a massage. I had a conflict of crisis of conflict. Where does it of conscience and freed everybody not just my daughter because really if you look at that movie i freed my daughter but there were like fifty other girls. They're not my problem. Left them my problem. I only care about my really my hero. Which is why i was right. There was a little happy in a jailbreak movie where they open all the cages. Open all the cages. of course yes. I think that could be a bit if i was. I don't care enough to write that. I feel like he left everybody. He got his daughter back but he left all the other girls by virtue of not getting them all right now. I do want to wrap up. I gotta help with putting leela down. Okay well i want to help is actually just the truth. I am a good guy. It was raised right. You know all you have to do in my opinion. Well how many not all you have to tell you but the first half of being a good guy or a good person get him and good good you give a fuck care caring. You gotta got you. Can't you're not getting in the house. Can't while through that door. You just with james corden told me on this podcast. He was like will smith. Tom cruise all those high functioning great people. He's like when you're with them. You think you're the only person in the world and they lock they care. And and i think they've figured something out those guys you don't think that's natural because if you figured it out to you because you've told you so you figured it out. I think they probably have to work at it. Because i can't do it every time i'm barely doing it now. I wonder wrap up. Okay no.

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