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Maria Tina Kim, Kevin, President Trump discussed on KMOX Profiles


I'm Maria Tina Kim what's news the singles old woman has an idea to get the stalled border free holders process rolling but at least one person is calling a crazy this is Kevin killing the problem for months has been the city's nine nominees to the board of freeholders are stuck in an older man a committee that can't decide what to do older one heather deferrals idea is this the aldermanic president should put more older men on that committee so that they can increase the chances of getting a majority to either up or down vote we need to have a vote in that committee aldermanic president Luis read is offended by the idea is more than a bad precedent since I literally is it insane or clever yes and saying it does not cover is in sign read says you can't add more alderman to any committee in the middle of an issue he wants the mayor to come up with a list of nominees that the existing committee can agree on Kevin killing St Louis news radio came what simplicity employees would receive a pay raise under a plan that's moving toward final passage of the board of aldermen sponsoring old woman Carol Howard says it will begin with a bonus HM Cloyd that's implied on March twenty ninth will get a one time compensation of a thousand dollars this is to compensate them for not getting a raise last year after the thousand dollar catch up check city workers will then receive an ongoing rate of three percent starting with the new fiscal year in July and three percent raises the year after that Howard says the raises will cost taxpayers two point seven million dollars a year money now available as the city's tax revenue has been growing city workers have not had more than a one and a half percent raise since twenty ten Missouri governor Mike parson promising that the state will pay its one hundred fourteen counties and the city of Saint Louis the roughly thirty two million dollars it owes them from housing prisoners convicted of felonies overnight partly cloudy with a low right around twenty degrees for Saturday partly cloudy in the morning becoming mostly cloudy by the afternoon with a high of fifty an overnight low of thirty I'm Maria quina KMOX news Tom sat early is a highly decorated combat veteran who is for trade in the Oscar winning film Black Hawk down he served in the army twenty five years twenty in the United States most elite.

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Maria Tina Kim, Kevin, President Trump discussed on KMOX Profiles

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