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Magic Mountain will offer the world's first drive through auto show starting next Friday, featuring 100 muscle cars, hot rods and low riders from West Coast customs. The cruise and parked car shall vermin Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until March, 14th. A college professor, is suspended over insensitive comments he made regarding a hearing impaired student anatomy Professor Michael A. Broom with Oxnard colleges seen and heard in a video of a zoom class where he derives the hearing impaired student. Oxnard President Luis Sanchez said Friday that no matter what led up to that interaction There is no justification. Down in L. A police are asking the public for help in finding an 11 year old girl. According to the LAPD. Aaliyah Santana was last seen last night near 54th Street and Long Beach Avenue. She's black 5 FT two and weighs £120 I'm Royal Balon. Sacramento traffic had a very pleasant good afternoon to you. It's nothing to brag about in Sacramento nor down I five at Somerville Road, there's a two vehicle wreck, blocking the two left lanes. The CHP is at the scene attending and traffic is stopped from 43rd Avenue. Look out in Sacramento Westbound 50 before Watt Avenue. There's a garbage and box in the third laying for the left West Sacramento dealing with significant delay steel westbound any between the river and Capitol Avenue and you're putting along in Dixon Westbound 80 between Pedrick Road and Midway Road Traffic on the tents, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Steve Herrera News 93.1 KFBK. Now. Sacramento weather Clear overnight Low 39 43 Sunny Sunday I 64 to 68 clear Sunday night. Louis.

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