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The live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbs movie producer harvey weinstein has surrendered to law enforcement in new york city is the focus of multiple investigations into allegations of sexual assault as npr's mandalit del barco reports for months the new york police department in manhattan da's office have been investigating sexual assault allegations against harvey weinstein they include an aspiring actress who says weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him during a business meeting in two thousand four another actress reported that he raped her at her home in two thousand ten more than fifty women including actresses ashley judd salma hayek and lupita in yongle have accused the movie mogul of sexual harassment assault or rape weinstein has denied the allegations npr's mandalit del barco media reports say weinstein is expected to post bail of one million dollars in cash and where on monitoring device china is urging the us and north korea not to abandon plans for for a summit in singapore after president trump said he wouldn't attend and here's anthony kyun reports from beijing the china says it will continue to try to push both sides to the negotiating table foreign ministry spokesman liu cong told reporters that china hopes the us and north korea will cherish their hard won progress be patient and stay committed to the goal of a nuclearfree korean peninsula he noted that both sides had left the door open to holding a summit later on lou also dismissed suggestions by president trump the chinese president xi jinping had somehow turn north korean leader kim jong un against him when came and she met earlier this month he also rejected the suggestion that china would use the north korea issue for leverage to get concessions from the us in their ongoing trade dispute anthony kuhn npr news beijing police in on tario are searching for two men after bomb was detonated a restaurant outside toronto police say there is no indication so far that that explosion was an act of terror or a hate cried fifteen people were injured in the attack has dan carpenter reports police say to ben entered the bombay bell restaurant late thursday and detonated an improvised explosive device they were then seen fleeing after the explosion police have released a photo of the two men and are asking the public helping them one is described as being in his mid twenties with light skin and a stocky build the other is described as having light skin and thin the photo shows both wearing dark hoodies pulled over their heads with their faces covered no one has claimed responsibility.

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