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John mcdevitt, KYW NewsRadio the company famous for those red bottom shoes. Stomps copycat in court celebrities from J lo two Cardi B of song about them. Gordon? The Hague has ruled in favor of designer Christian Luton ordering a Dutch shoemaker to stop selling look alike. Red bottom stilettos van Heron must also destroy any existing pairs of its Fifth Avenue shoe by Halle Berry. The court says the company has infringed on the trademark rights of Lieutenant Deborah Rodriguez. CBS news, I wonder if they make those in blue it's ten twenty five times more money news on KYW. Here's Bloomberg's Joan Doniger and unexpected and two a day dragged by trade worries on Wall Street a day that had kept the Dow below twenty five thousand during much of the session, but investors try to last minute clawback in the Dow ended the day down just sixty three at twenty five thousand one hundred six the NASDAQ gained ten the SNP to all three managed to pull out games for the week. Wells Fargo is extending branch hours this weekend and putting more staffers in place after the problems that involved in automatic power shutdown yesterday. Well, then has been fixed. Some customers were still not able to see that their paychecks and direct deposits had been posted to their accounts. Wells Fargo says all of that's visible now on the transactions worry indeed posted WalMart is going after Wayfair and Ikya axios reports. Walmart has started a private labeled furniture brand called modern that line includes six hundred fifty products ranging from couches to dinner plates with money news from Bloomberg on KYW. I'm Joan Doniger, the Dow is off sixty three the NASDAQ was up ten points and the s&p was up one point eight. Teenager has pleaded guilty and has been sentenced to the murder of a father and Fairmount. That's coming up in three minutes on KYW. Hi,.

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