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Have not gotten. An income their their prospects are are a weekend by the fact that the businesses have been closed at the economic prospects if you're a student. Are Right now very nebulous and so there are street saying, help me, what can I. Do you know it's not that they they they they they want. To be rich, they WANNA survive. They WanNa live, and they WANNA be. They want to be happy. They want to hope for the future, and so the flip side of that is, we have covert nineteen. We have people who have been shut in looking for homes for the future, and it almost seems as though it was. It's a it's a Redo of the sixties. In terms of the the national strife there to feel the fear that we're feeling need the the hopelessness that feeling which is driven people out of the street. I was talking to my wife right now. In New York tens of thousands of people in the street. We looked each other. What else is there? What else is there for them to do? You know they're not going to sit at home under the circumstances because they're in pain and so You have athletes who are really. And making. It making us feel if I talk too much. Let me know because I know we're loving it loving it loving willing. Athletes who? Happy you can. Athletes who who really are understanding this a similar in spirit of Joe Louis? Kareem Abdul Jabbar a couple of days ago, wrote this excellent. Explanation in New York Times in terms of how he sees it is. This is what we're seeing. People who are pushed to the edge and pushed to the edge, not only the fact that. Black men and women are dying at the hands of police, but also we have this great economic disparity We are gone through a two. Of these are Belau bills, and they're still people who have not seen any help that and an frustrated and so they're out on the street Magic Johnson. On CNN. To to to on CNN in the past week, he talked about how he has to still have conversations with his son about the talk, and that that that is so heartbreaking, because by talk Jay when I was five years old. and I was I was traveling. Through the south with my grandmother and it was She was shooting. Really concern about the fact that that you know young young boys at that time in the south were vulnerable. And and she had to have that talk with me and I'm five I'm looking at here. Know what are you talking about so it became. It's it's something that even even sixty five years ago when I was a bait. Talk is still had by. Black families to their young black men, and so that's the type of frustration that we're feeling these gauge. But then you have inspirational figures you know and speak inspirational biggest sports Joe Louis, being among them in a where he was as I mentioned an an accidental civil rights leader. You know With the his is A. Battle to to get recognition for African American athletes, but he was able to do it. Just like boxing is an individual sport. He was able to individually change the calculus in terms of how young black men were viewed in the boxing world, so that they had a sense of self determination and Strang's that were forwarded by his good graces, and is ability to transform mine through his through through his skills. A picture. ARTICLE THAT! Anger today about Isaac. The. Army, who was beaten aborted a vessels.

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