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And your family. Show honored to stand with President Trump stamina the energy smart. He is. And then you read the news, and it's he's weak. He's stupid. He's racist. He's bad. He hates southerners. No tapes of any of it all complete garbage. And the lies get more elaborate more in shame or out of control. And here's the takeaway. We're sixty one day shout. They know they're going to lose the midterms all the internal ball show it. They've got the contract at all. The fake polls. And they know the Democratic Party has lost the people a total political realignments happened normal that happens, then the the new one party splits into a couple more. Or into a second party. And they know that they want to ban the election, hold new ones that are staged and then split the Democratic Party into two new parties, communist wing and a socialist wing. She happening the Democratic Party right now all these Shoshu listed communist winning primaries. And they admit in their white papers are doing this people say how does he know all this because I actually read this instead of watching football and baseball. I'm not saying, you're bad. If you wanna watch football. I'm not saying you don't I kinda wanna go down and see a Houston Astros game. Or whatever the point is is that. I can't do it because we're in a total war. So. Hype enough to you. I don't have words to describe to you how dire the situation ish. This countries on an emergency operating table, our heart stopped you the listeners of this broadcast info wars, President Trump drudge report dot com are the literal defibrillators that started the heart back. Nice and all your dead. Well, now, we're showed up or walking around Rana Walker. But we could get a lot better. And they're like, no, no lay back down lay back down. And they want to have you lay down and inject you with at least Jackson, ladies and gentlemen. They want the control we have the audiotapes of them saying better Clinger's, they hate Christians and saying it publicly we have them cheering America was never great. It'll never be great. We have them saying they want depression. We have Silicon Valley that I told you ten years ago is building giant bunkers in New Zealand, and they had the media attack me ten years ago. Jones claims the elite or moving Zealand and building bunkers. I was told it by a gentleman who built dams around the world whose very rich. And. I'm gonna leave it at that who shed they're planning something big. They're doing major projects that are fifty million hundred million two hundred million dollar projects in New Zealand. For in case of a complete breakdown. Of course, there engineering it. Next decades news today, Bloomberg this week. The super rich of Silicon Valley have a doomsday escape plan. Exactly what I told you. That's why they want me off the air folks dot because because I'm real news. And. They realized that I can go anywhere. I want and take over the media. And they can't stand it. And they know that our numbers went up where they banned us. They can't stand that. I'm telling you. They're making their move on many because they're making their move on you. Do you want to put the article from my eight nine years ago? There's more just type in Hollywood elite moving in New Zealand and force dot com. James Cameron moved to New Zealand. To avoid bioweapon relation. That's the real reason. She there's a leftist global plan that once they collapsed the third world and scare the first world enough. They're gonna let it enough to create political division. About one hundred million Europe hundred million the US, then they're going to build giant walls. Trump isn't part of this because he's doing an early to stop the crisis. They're going to build the wall later. Bringing total biometric control and a police state to counter the collapse in third world. And then they're going to release a bio weapon, it's gonna wipe out. The first round two or three billion people. And then once they get a real, hyper police state after that, then they'll. Delivered the true super weapons, and then they will retire to their labyrinths seen palaces while we kill each other. But they've gotta have automated. Military forces and drone forces to carry out suppression and mop up for some computer models. They've got. That human directed forces. And man by that people directed for a pro human future would be able to basically understand the plan. Even once it was launched and then run a countervailing system that would then remove the planetary cleansing operation that they are prepared. So the real reason I'm verboten. Is because there is a planetary cleansing operation prepared reduce world population. Ninety nine percent. They tell university students eighty percent, but you're part of the elite twenty percent they're going to save the earth because you're environmentalists your anti-human your anti-god, you'll be part of the priest class. They don't tell him. It's ninety nine percent. They can do the math knowing they're going to be killed. Well, tell low level folks at the first entry level we're gonna kill eighty percent. Then at higher levels. They say, well, it's actually ninety percent. And at the highest levels. They say ninety nine percent except one level above that the final level. There's always a hidden level. They should actually are. God tells us we must transcend humans and merged with silicon and that humans are actually occurs to the universe. And that our God will only let us ascend to God hood once the human race has been completely eradicated. And that is the they believe the inter dimensional transmission, receiving, of course, we are in deep space that does sound quite like a plan doesn't it. But regardless that's what they believe. And they're building the plan for Lucifer and Lucifer plans to kill steal and destroy. And if God doesn't intervene. They will not be any flesh. Spared revelation. So you need under stand. They are going to kill you and your family for sure. If they have their way, and you have to understand that. Why is he getting his company destroyed and sabotaged the have people in there are six months ago? But now, it's confirmed blowing up stuff at this point. Because he's been in these meetings and said, I don't to be part of he's come out and told you the those that worshipping gods. They plan to get rid of everybody by twenty fifty. It's a nightmare plan. All my God humanity, please make up. And now his company is to be destroyed. They're like, hey, dude. We let you in the club. And you said, no. Now, we're going to slowly destroy you and your credit, you everywhere. And that's why you see them doing that. So works and so at the end of the day, none of these globalist. We're gonna make it out of this whatever it is. They're building. We'll kill everybody in the end. There won't be one LUSA ferrying person left. They succeed this program. Standing there in the system's supposed to merge with some silicon Gaden ascend, and they're going to be deceived. Of course in the. That's how it works. And that's it. You're not living in a science fiction book, you're living on a planet database baby orbiting a standard, son. And you're living in the future. And you're facing a satanic inter dimensional attack..

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