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This is npr news from tariffs to traffic here's joe mcconnell next several new problems to thirtyseven westbound west of mccarthy and other collision we have a headwind that's about earlier we call the katana eastbound in the left bore it looks like a piece of tire came off a big rig it's in the right lane and a lot of swerving around that six eighty southbound washington fremont collision there with a couple of vehicles they were in the left lane looks like they may be on the shoulder now still the overturn northbound five five in vacaville north of the eighty split joe mcconnell for kiki dee at six fifty one joe brought to you by compassion international this is the california report good morning to you jon sepulveda's in santa ana we're in orange county all this week to track a story about homelessness or perhaps more accurately people deciding how to lessen homelessness and right now we are in front of city hall and i'm joined by polly stryker our producer and editor and all around backbone of the show good morning polly morning john describe what we see right here in front of us so we're standing in the plaza of the flags which is basically the main plaza at the civic center and there's just a huge ten city here there are a couple hundred people here as earlier this week and there are tents tarps blue white bicycles little buckets people with dogs people stirring it's early in the morning here and it's it's a tent city and we should say there are a lot of people out received people riding bicycles we see a woman right next to us a scraping concrete so people might hear that the point here is that we are here because federal judge david carter has taken a really unique tact in a rather mundane case toss what happened so.

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