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NFL preseason games more than anything else in sports. I mean, exhibition games. Yes. And one exhibition they were. I'm looking at a list of the passing leaders from Thursday night, and I know most of these guys, the reason that I know them Brandon Weeden Colt McCoy is their whole freaking retreads to Mayfield. Okay. I've heard about him. He got a pretty good night. Carolina started some guy named Taylor Hickey. I don't know who that is, but he threw hundred twenty one yards. The whole list of leaders is made up of guys who at best will be playing renewable two years. So the Boston Red Sox are on pace to win at least one hundred ten games and they recently completed a four-game sweep of the hated Yankees. Will they ever lose again, Charlotte. I don't know what they're beating people drums right now, but they're Penn is pretty average, but it doesn't matter because they're hitting nail out of all the ale. East race is just about over. Are there any other divisional races that you've had your eye on the the fact. The Oakland as are in contention because I have absolutely no idea how they're doing. It plus are very, very good baseball team. And now they're in the the playoff hunt for sure. And once again, the move of the Houston Astros the American League has changed everything because the Houston Astros came to the American League just as they were getting really good sad news from the hockey world. Charlie, Chicago Blackhawks great. STAN mikita died Tuesday at the age of seventy eight. Do you have any good STAN mikita stories for us? Not particularly just remember STAN makida as being overshadowed on all Black Hawk teams by Bobby Hall because Bobby Hall had the big slapshot in the blonde hair, and he was the matinee idol. Kinda guy staying Makita was the all time work loss. And STAN mikita is now the all time leading scorer for the Blackhawks, including Bobby Hall with whom he laid he, he one lady being twice. He was tough without being dirty. He was everything the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies NHL was all. So we have what I like to call a Florida man story. In this week's list, there was a south Florida Gulf pro named Tom Fleetwood who was surprised to see a six-figure direct deposit. His Wells Fargo account last Friday until he realized that the PJ's European tour had accidentally paid out prize money from the twelfth place finisher at the British Open his name Tommy Fleetwood. What are the off the American Tom Fleetwood who didn't win one hundred twenty thousand pounds at the reason for Chopin has handled it pretty well. I think look in his Bank account and their one hundred fifty, four thousand dollars in it a right above fourteen dollar transaction. He made it WalMart, and he said, I'm a pretty laid back guy. This is told to golf dot com. Most people would be jumping up and down. I was like met. Yeah. I mean, it has to be a mistake. I mean, you have to, you have to look at that amount and say something screwed up. Actually. No, you have to look at amount. And say, I wanna bins right now. Quick rushed to the store. I just remember the old monopoly card Bank error on your favorite, collect under dollars. Thank you and your favorite? Collect hundred and fifty thousand dollars PGA tour and your favorite. That's right. So finally, Charlie and I don't know how you guys miss this last week, but the arena Football League's Washington valor, when the twenty eighteen AFL title. So I'm assuming the valor must have been great during the regular season, right. Hey, first of all, in arena, football, anything is possible including the two and ten Washington valor going all the way through the playoffs and winning the arena football league title largely because they're only four arena football teams left, Garret..

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