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The door, like fully dressed. What are y'all doing? It's great to see you boys. And we're like, we're truck stuck, and he's like, oh, no problem. I got my four wheel drive. We'll just go in there and get it out. And so McMaster McMaster drives back in there. Gets us unstuck at one in the morning. And then we drive home, get home at four in the morning. I remember that. And anyway, that was the story. Did you find the dogs? We got the dogs. They met us on the road on the way to McMaster's house. Okay. So the dogs were with us when we went back. So we had to load the dogs up and mister mcmasters truck to get back. Did he get it? Or did you have to like, you know that book, where the red fern grows? We were doing that. Oh man, he was English teacher. I knew for sure would have known about where the red friend grows. That feels like a missed opportunity. Yeah. Can you get him on the second part? I wrote a poem about coon hunting when I was in the 9th grade in his class and I still remember a phrase of it. I'll tell you later. Hey, we have some we have two sort of guests. Today, we have Michael roseman with us. So this part where we're going to introduce guest. Michael roseman. Hello, man. Good to see you. Good to see you. Good to be here. Michael is a coon hunter. Michael's Reeves. And so we got Daniel root, Josh spill miker, present. Brent Reeves. Isaac Neil. We'll get back to Michael. Isaac, did you know Isaac works with meat eater now? Is that an appropriate way to say that? I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. It's a true story. Yeah. Isaac is helping me a lot with bear grease right now. He's come alongside and is helping with just every part of the burger's podcast. So that's a big deal. I'm gonna chief facilitating officer. CFO. Quite a title. Facilitating whatever. Maybe you can clean this mess up. Yeah. Yeah. So Isaac is Isaac is a photographer videographer lives in Springfield, Missouri, and all around good guy. So they brought in a fixer is what they did. They were like, Isaac go in there. Yeah. Fix it. Fix it..

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