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The jokes on syria to dover whose of government wilbur steve nailed it right some of the jax on series say an amber alert clearcutting host but she was good sense she didn't go i dare say yet i am grateful grissom it was it was a dream every three of dar es brains out in the spring anyway but they're regard magog by by seems split jesse anything you in a whole russia peace on earth are what we hope you will have a fantastic christmas and that's where i drink loss eight loss to future dr don't put up with the bullshit distances have a great time yeah that's what the queen's speech that was are in a nutshell osmanli just be nice to each other is no or amusement life life is not just be kind the no dictricts the dow cannot say you'll find after with pablo fussi i think his neck yeah thank you just stay for joining us again will you be back next day if you office let's see how the app and guns i gave myself on it was loudly until next time larry dan two two what are we are and now not suited thank you stave awhile i'm sorry for native ramsey ramsey uh i'm gonna have that lasted haven't so nice.

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