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Three one on one point five led started off with good ole izzy in lakewood on jersey wanna 15 what's up is people to go i'm good how are you young i'm not that old among twenty yang is almost millennial three years now you'll be a millennial then they get the call you world rate i never even got what it millennial rude nobody does is just a term the media made up so they could write a lot of stories about millennial and sound like they were you that's all it is exactly hashtag is the big deal i like hash browse they go hashtag what are you going to this all right but as you isn't is fading what prop as you listen to spadea's yes sometimes i hear me in the morning uh i wave on your way home what time you go to school oh my way home in the morning sometimes they'll go home by breakfast fruits okay yeah breakfast is a big deal earlier in the morning what is that the by house school what i go on i fail what is your category going to be the hell steve i'm gonna try to get these tickets it sounds like a cool shows so um and you when one five jay 1 oon five is what he said dr name for me on board non live nods for this one award five he's going no sports here is the movies oh uh sports amounts okay now we don't want you just give me the question you want me to ask you that you that you have to vote not at all who somewhere in the middle i'm gonna give you a radio question named the new jersey one or 15 radio personality who also work the wfbc in new york was he age gerhardt was he beat dennis malloy was he sees the travel ace or day break joe henry well it's possible not new york not philadelphia offensive in new jersey new jersey wanna 15 dumb and yet sell one snuck over enemy lives at work a w b c what's what's not choices again jim their line data's malloy steve travel lease big joe henry i'd like to see either be war uh gerhard museums in two um no can't be gerhard uh i'll go ran i'm old say also it'd be deal i'm a grace he's in whereas log bridge and new jersey water 15 hate.

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