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I don't know if i have like specific passion for programming more than anything else but it was just like a really perfect kind of platform for just doing creative thing you know what i mean the making stuff it's the most powerful tool for just like making interesting things that i know of so far rain yeah so i think that's what kind of kinda got me into that so i did a bunch of key base except messing around with that and eventually started making my own little websites on geo cities and angel fire and stuff like that and yeah kind of doing that ever since so yeah i was thinking about how creation was definitely a trend for you i mean between music creation yunos guitarist and music production you know and in the art and everything like this is one in and make things happen if you're out with the tools are so it's it's interesting hearing you say you know it's the most powerful tool that you can use for that yeah do you have in your do you ever all still no not at all your own drawings anywhere i might actually my parents just sold their house and gave me a big box of like crap lying around that gotta find i think there's a couple sketchbooks in there so i should maybe visi dig through those please okay so you went off to school for computer science and did you have a sense did you have any shifts during school with what kind of aspect of csc you're interested in or or if in yes or no what did you think you were going to do afterwards yeah so i actually only went to university for a single semester as i did the first mestre bunch of the classes i did find fawn like the ones that were direct programming so we had like a c class where we basically get these weekly kind of projects that we had to work on where you just have to go through a bunch of problems to get a computer to do that stuff and that was the stuff that i was really interested in and really excited about but then we also had classes that weren't as interesting like digital fundamentals and yeah stuff related.

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