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Now a Newport News man has been arrested after a shooting and Fairfax County last week. County police a 20 year old Julin Keane is charged in the deadly shooting of Samuel Own Yuka in on Yukos hometown of rested on Wednesday. Fairfax police Major Ed Oh, Carol says Keane left rested after the shooting and the car he was driving was later found to Newport News First Homicide of the year. Perfects county And the arrest and apprehension of the accused was an example of the exceptional multijurisdictional and interagency team effort release in Newport News, arrested keen late Friday night. Oh, Carol says he hopes Keane will be extradited to Fairfax County later this week. Keane is charged with second degree murder and use of a firearm in commission of a felony. Donald Trump. Second impeachment trial has come to an end, with the Senate voting to acquit him of inciting the capital riot on January 6th seven Republicans voted to convict Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was not among them, although after the vote, he called Mr Trump morally responsible for the attack. U. S News and World Report. White House correspondent and political analyst Can Walsh talked with our John Aaron about what's next. What it is basically, it's it's sort of an outcome without a conclusion and It is still a special congressional commission. That's going to proceed to look at the events of January 6th when the capital was invaded at the state level their investigations of President Trump's conduct in trying to overturn the election in Georgia and in New York. So this really has not resolved very much, And there's a lot of sense of disappointment really around Washington as to how this has all come out. Was it worth doing? And of course, there's such a ferocious partisanship in the air. At the House managers and the Democrats who pushed this field was worth doing because President Trump needed to be rebuked. But of course, he was not convicted. And so, as I say, there's just a sense that this does not really resolve anything and that we're just as polarized as we had been with former President Trump in the center of that, and we're gonna be talking about this for well into the future. Did you find it interesting, though, that McConnell pointed specifically to criminal courts is a possible future. Forum for this kind of thing for the president, the former president. Yes, he did, And he's almost invited that to happen, You know, That's what I'm getting at What Just talk about in New York and perhaps in Georgia. There's a number of places where this could happen. It goes to the criminal proceedings, but just step back and look a historically in our first really two centuries. We have one impeachment of Andrew Johnson 18 68, Then 130 years later, we had the beginning of a period where we had three Bill Clinton in 1998 and then Donald Trump twice in 2019 2021. So what's happened is that I think partly because the presidency Has gotten so powerful and there is an effort in Congress to rein it in and partly because we have become so partisan polarized as a country, impeachment has become not the rare process that the founders envisioned, but something that's used as a a zoo weapon by both parties really against the sitting president. So we've had three impeachments now since 1998. And that's a really a remarkable historical development that impeachment has become more of a regular eyes thing in our Country. And Walsh is the White House correspondent and political analyst for U. S. News and World Report. He was in conversation with w T. O P S John Aaron earlier today Sports with Jay Brooks Next 12 14 here that let me give it to you one more time. That's.

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