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Arrested development. Yes the girl may be. She's the she's the main character in the show and She the whole. The whole premise was that she discovered that a friend that she went to to college with is missing and she. She made it her when she made it her goal to find this girl even though they didn't really weren't really close. It was kind of like her cathartic way of dealing with the life that she chose and this would make her feel good. And it's a it's kind of a dark comedy very dry very dark. But it's got some drama in it but the characters are really kind of wacky. It's created by michael. Show water walter. Who was part of the state back in the ohl in the. Hey dave. mtv awesome. Oh it sounds really interesting. And i do. I did like maybe interested development. Maybe she's your cousin. You said h. b. o. Right yes awesome. I'm gonna have to give that a try. It sounds really cool. And they're only twenty two minute episodes. So i flew through dude. I love that. That's like watching berry which is also on. Hbo and it's just such an easy. Binge think i finished that in like one weekend because it's just such short episodes and they're so funny. Yeah berry with fantastic. Yeah let's see. What have i been watching this week. Really i've been spending a lot of my time this week. Playing the sims four. Oh my gosh. So when corentin. I started off a computer and i bought the sims four and i was obsessed with it playing hours every day and then i kinda like trailed off a little bit and don't judge me you guys are going to judge me. It's fine so. I got it back. And i discovered mud's for the first time i downloaded this mod the sims four. And let's just say who they actually woohoo. So i've been plagued the past couple of days. They might husband will walk in and he's like. Please keep the door open. What are you doing. But i had the settings up way too high on it for a while you. It's like a lot of things. You can cut of toyed with but i had it so high at one point. That like simmons were randomly just woohoo and middle of like public places and just like in the middle of a restaurant decide to come over like squirt them with bottles. Stop that this is a wendy's sir. So that's what it's going to be like after quarantine. I'll just released to the while. Were just hoo everywhere we possibly can. We have to learn not to be animals anymore. Everybody in that game is just feral now tinkered with the setting so it's a little more little more normal. They at least go into bathrooms now actually started playing sims during quarantine to start wars. Pat came out. Yes that was my sims halloween costumes. Because i have the holiday thing so they were definitely star wars characters for halloween. Did you play the sims nicola growing up or anything. yeah yeah. I didn't have it but my friend had it. So i'd always go to her house and we would play it. They have the heart shaped bed in the hot tub I don't remember which one it was but three..

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