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Shows that's exactly what it is you printed an added the middle of the story though i would take out philip techies for women back okay we'll diabetics george becker of his name oh god that's great noun and are now because i think george parrot all toro snow blows on sale also known as big big parrot but he also might have been also known as george back 'cause he was also known as george man u's in georgia board what about these slacks though we're moving okay where do we may sound like an incredible deal mix got all that information he pulled up the website for fellow phillips khakis for wealthy valley separately if you need say paradigm on estonian dietrich's you to nick with polio khaki inflammation george pair it was a cattle rustler and highway man in the america wild west snazzy dresser and they in the late nineteenth century his skin was made into a pair of shoes after his lynching who and part of his skull was used as an ashtray abroad she becky yes now in the dirt in eighteen 78 parrot and his gang murder to law enforcement officers after a bungled train robbery widow fide and widow field who is a let me see here robert widow feel was a sheriff deputy sheriff and uh union pacific detective a tip vincent where the guy's a widow field and vincent were ordered to track down parrots gang uh following the attempted robbery on an isolated stretch of track near the medicine bow river or we're talking the khaki gang right you had a khaki gang the officers on usually recognisable by their very comfortable slacks jio well where are slacks and men's powerhouse as far as the footwear the officers trace the outlaws to a camp at rebel snake canyon where they were spotted by a gang look out the robbers stamped out the campfire hid in the bush now when would have field arrived for the gino game he realized that the ashes of the fire we're still hot gang ambushed a to laumann shooting widdifield in the face vincent tried to escape but were shop where he made it out of the canada gator get out of here does he have regained it's a joke died coffee paint you will rule these guys are graded had in nowhere near skinny gene uh but the gang that took each man's weapons and one of their horses.

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