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Every ten minutes on the forest for just see something pop. Up on state route one sixty seven we are, at, looks, like either a collision happened or car. Broke down or something so there's, some cars blocking the roadway southbound one six seven south of the Kent Des Moines road so it's. Near the green river and I'm definitely seeing a backup from about Willis as he tried to head, down, through. That scene just a heads up for you might take you a little bit. By surprise further south on one six seven we're looking at bumper to bumper traffic from highway eighteen down through Pacific southbound I five very solid. From highway eighteen through the five curve past fifty four th northbound I five will struggle from. Highway. Sixteen pass Pacific avenue southbound I five in the south center area is a struggle down. To two hundred northbound one six seven is solid from about, two hundred eight as you head up, towards four zero five the reason for that, is from earlier problems on northbound four zero five in Renton at state route nine. Hundred a crash off to the shoulder but it left stop and go traffic from, the valley highway up To that scene and of course affected northbound one six seven in Bellevue southbound four. Zero five from. Ninety there was, a crash on the shoulder of the ramp from westbound ninety two. Southbound four zero five southbound four five itself is, really, struggling, through Bellevue from five twenty down to. Coal creek southbound I five a, slow go from city way through Seattle northbound I five tough in Everett beginning at the Boeing freeway. All the way up into Marysville next KOMO traffic eth- report teen marina while you were speaking the, vehicles, involved. In that situation on state route one sixty seven have now been moved to. The shoulder and traffic is beginning to move.

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