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They danced and chanted burned incense and marched in the name of unity activist Laura Ramirez in San Diego were critical of the mayor for closing off downtown leaving them to fend for themselves they said and of the police and they said look the other way as some Latinos said to be gang members attacked black people here into the into the west street from the from the police yeah right there were moments when they said they were black brown and white peacefully marching on twenty sixth street in little village Mike Krauser newsradio one oh five point nine FM Jaitley BBM news time eleven thirty six recently I spent time with a group of young people who are hearing impaired and deaf this is John Erikson tada and I'd like to pass on some tips on how you can reach out to people who are deaf first talk directly to the deaf person and not to the sign language interpreter second if a deaf person speaks and you don't understand don't pretend that you know what he said instead ask him to repeat his statement port right it down third be careful not to cover your face many deaf friends rely partially on lip reading in order to understand what you're saying also don't talk too fast he shouldn't even if it takes a while to converse and lastly don't yell sometimes people even yell at those of us in wheelchairs M..

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