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With qvc and despite being fired in 2013 he's still rates in cash through twenty six team as part of a vendor agreement for a percentage of the royalties he's then accused of laundering his own personal expenses flights to vacation destinations such as turks and caicos as well as lanky hotel stays using a pr firm by charging them for the cost that instructing them to submit they give oysters to cuba these see in some cases he himself wrote the falsified invoices kalkowski faces about eleven years in prison if these convicted the growing eggs scandal across seventeen european countries his force the eu to hold a meeting late next month millions of eggs have been destroyed old pulled from supermarket shelves since july 28th it was made public did the pesticide fipronil which is dangerous to human health was found mixed with another treatments sprayed on chickens to takes please and lice the scandal has caused major political fallout with neighbours belgium the netherlands in germany arguing over who is to blame and who knew what and when poultry farmers have been hardest hits and a blaming the chemical industry for compromising their business and exposing consumers to danger the eu's executive commission announced it's aiming to hold talks between eu ministers and food safety agencies concerned on september twenty sakes its fall the geese are headed south and it's time for you to hit the woods so button things up find.

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