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Dot com slash span okay so Paul Krugman continues and he suggests of course that red and blue voters are moving in different directions in terms of life expectancy and he tries to blame that on Republican policy Goodman says democratic leaning areas used to look similar to Republican leaning areas in terms of productivity income education but they've been rapidly diverging with blue areas getting more productive richer and better educated in the close presidential election two thousand counties that supported Al Gore over George W. bush accounted for only a little over half the nation's economic output in a close election of twenty sixteen counties that supported Hillary Clinton accounted for sixty four percent of output almost twice the share of from country and you think that is due to great liberal government or do you think that that is due to the shift away from manufacturing the shift toward a service and knowledge based economy that thrives in major cities like San Jose the economic trends in the United States are toward big cities that is why people are moving to big cities it's why the migration patterns are all for bay cities but says Paul Krugman the thing is the red blue byte isn't just about money it's also increasingly a matter of life and death in his recruiting goes way off the rails suggesting that if you live in a red area you're gonna die if you live in a blue or you're gonna live people ought to shift their areas red to blue and then they will let some have voting for Democrats is finding the the well of eternal life is back in the bush years I used to encourage people encounter people who insisted the U. S. the world's longest life expectancy they had looked at data they just assumed America's number one on everything even then it wasn't true U. S. life expectancy has been below that of other advanced countries for a long time okay even there he is neglecting to take out of the system homicide and car accident death and suicide which does actually put the United States number one in life expectancy last time I checked in any case he says the death cap has however widened considerably in recent years as a result of increased mortality among working age Americans is rising mortality hasn't turned and largely a result of rising debts of despair drug overdoses suicides in alcohol the rise in these deaths has led to declining overall life expectancy for the past few years but then he analyzes the states when he finds is the divergence among states is striking is that look at states that voted for Donald Trump versus state that voted for Clinton twenty sixteen and calculated average life expectancy waited by the twenty sixteen population in nineteen ninety today is red and blue states had almost the same life expectancy since then however life expectancy in Clinton states has risen more or less in line with other advanced countries compared with almost no gain from country at this point blue state residents can expect to live more than four years longer than the red state counterparts okay what he's trying to do is point the error of the wrong way and it's very obvious statistical tricky plane right he is suggesting that the states that are read in twenty sixteen if you go back to nineteen ninety they were pretty equal in life expectancy but now there's been this big diverging gap there's only one problem if you can the nineteen ninety two presidential election not the not the twenty sixteen presidential election we'll be including states that have been hit extremely hard by the opioid epidemic this is the man had heart my suicide and economic stagnation states like Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Michigan right those states have increasingly cutting in a trump direction since nineteen ninety two coming up and bring you some more information on income inequality in blue areas and death rates in red areas are these because local governments for because a broad national friends brought about by the left over the course of decades this is the Ben Shapiro show ABC dependable traffic right now sponsored by lows northbound side of the four oh five Rosecrans an accident here the carpal three left lanes the backup already through Artesia Boulevard and southbound lays the one oh five continuing busy in the Long Beach sell for five sand canyon at a crash clearing Adelaide's all of the right shoulder and five freeway southbound Alicia parkway another accident glued to the right shoulder starting to back up as well eastbound sixty it rose me precious cleared the delays and.

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