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Know like i said the problem is hard enough as it is make it harder they certainly certainly they certainly did so we were approached on the first t by young by by young mamie max and he said he said guys do you want to caddy for today when i said who i don't know and i thought to myself that would make for a much better story because now getting catty help and he's knowledgeable and things like did not know his and kit none of that stuff all just worked out very different asleep so max takes me out and he's mr positively and i could've and i that's what i needed on a day like that we had all the positivity in the world and he was all about it he was mr encouraging and everything and it was great and he really helped me read a lot of putts kept it light get loose up there it was great so fun fun time like i said i wanted to one of the best slash worst most fun ninety four is oliver shoot my golf career but one i will not i will not soon forget make sure you hit it firm you don't don't avoid hitting it too soft or whatever that's what caddies do right they they say something it's the positive thing they don't they that's what we learned from smoltz right row he didn't want the negative he wanted to positive all the time so don't hang a slider to album pool it was throw it firmament fast down the middle and so the job the kid was very much like you know what one right in the middle let's go for it and and he was really good about that south and a couple of times it worked at the time it was like i just wouldn't listen to the caddy so learn your lesson you're going to you know you're gonna take your cadillac you might as well i was gonna use them as well listen to what they had to say grant mitch channel five joining us here on drive time sports or are you jumping ship from the nba like everybody else's now are you are you done so i did like that i think he was like sportscenter on instagram or twitter was like take you know they took the starting five golden state warriors and it was like the five best players in the east and it was like could they win in all star game like this is what it's become and i don't i don't blame demarcus cousins for the warriors she had no offers and so they called him i don't hate the player hate the game the nba setup to to build these you know super teams right now and that's what everybody wants and everybody's getting so you so don't be mad at cousins for the warriors be mad at you know sober in the owners for establishing this this is the way it is and i don't i don't see it changing anytime soon because even though we may moan and cry and say this is the basketball meta you're gonna watch you're gonna watch you're still gonna watch we're all go watch you're not going to not watch same thing with the nfl boycotting the nfl you're still gonna watch everybody's gonna watch you're still going to check it out and stick around the super bowl still be one of the highest rated shows on television in the nba finals we'll still get good ratings no matter who the team so i mean again i get why everybody's upset i'm not i'm not a fan of it by any means you're wrong i just don't think we're gonna see this sort of false that people are talking about now you're starting to watch how many eighty two games where people watching the beginning though you know that's what i'm saying right and and that's my thing to you know if somebody like paul clea who we had on earlier says you know he he's teetering on the edge then i go okay but a lot of people don't tune into the nba till january and then and even then the numbers say that people are watching so like if you're if this is gonna put you over the edge because my thing was yeah boogie cousins is really good the warriors were already the team to be so what is this what you already felt hopeless and.

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