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Would get groups of Fives Bokan digits. Five six four eight transmitted and I know the frequency to tune into but there was a call signal that three letters or digits that indicated Transmission was for me and then the whole thing started and sometimes it took a good hour to actually listen to the whole thing and write it down and then it took another three to four hours to decrypt this thing. Obviously anyone can hear that but it's encrypted and I'm wondering random letters and numbers because when I was a kid I would go up north and be stuck in this dumb cottage so we had a short wave. Radio was old is probably from the sixties or seventies and so. I'm a kid in the eighties and I'm listening to this and I'm here in other languages. I'm just wondering. Is there any chance at all? I heard something that was intended for us. Five is a very good chance that you heard something. That was encrypted. No doubt even as we speak I guarantee you traverse the short waves. You will hear digits being transmitted that are meant for somebody that is doing something that is not entirely legal in the place. Where he's doing it with shortwave. It's broadcasted you can never pinpoint the receiver. Which is the point right? You don't know the general direction guarantee you the NSA new. There's a Guy. You're someplace in northeast. Who's getting this every week? But that's all they knew there was no way that they could trace it back. To be you know shortwave still does break down the problems. So at least as a fallback shortwave. I guarantee you still being used interesting. How did you flip to eventually essentially becoming full America? I know they tried to call you home. Can you take us through that something happened and neither the FBI? Nor I have a clue why the Soviets at that point saw that might cover was about to be blown in I N. Absolutely convinced that they were in the belief they called me back and they called me back as an emergency departure. They've done this in the past quote back an agent and as soon as stage step on Soviet soil they are jailed or even executed now that the execution thing was in the past but Stalin did a lot of that even after Stalin. Some of that happened when they would call back ages eight. Listen YOU DANGER. They go back and boom. That's what the danger was. I was now in that moral dilemma and the moral dilemma was. Can I leave this? Eighteen month. Old Girl to fend for herself with the mother who didn't have much of an education. She came from a very poor country in South America. So I decided I would defy them that. I'm not returning I had money saved on. My county was a lot of money. You know those days. Sixty thousand dollars on the other side of the curtain was a fortune. The Russians had promised me a house and I was going back a hero and rejoined my family. You put this on one side of the scale on the other side. You have three things you got the FBI possibly chasing has to meet the KGB. Not being very happy with me not going back and then there was Chelsea. Wow and it was a chance that the KGB the FBI would come after me and that the KGB would not be very happy with me defying the orders to return and the only counter to all that reasoning was my love for Chelsea. This is a line. That's used very often very often unthinkingly but true. Love conquers all. How did you get away with that? I mean you had an encounter with the KGB at one point before you're blowing off right. Can you tell us about that? I was stalling the Soviets like pretending that I didn't get their message so I bought myself time for several weeks in one day. Put an end to that. And that they send one of their resident agents to actually tell me what the orders were and he said to me. You gotta come home or else you're dead and was up to me to interpret what that meant but could have meant your cover's blown and he didn't use the right word or was a threat you had to take the threat seriously because the KGB in those days did kill. And I knew that I wrote them. This led I understand. You want me to come back. And I'm not coming because I have contracted aids and this is the only place in the world. Where could treatment sorry? I will not defect. I will not betray any secrets and please give the money on my account to my family. Wow so it work. You've gained your American family extensively. You've gained your freedom. Finally I was out of the spy. Game I was off the stage of the international scene and I was just going to dedicate my life to my family and so when my American wife suggested that maybe we should look into buying a home. I got serious and I discussed with my wife to have another child. We move to a northern suburb of New York and within the bird four five months my son was born and so he had the perfect American family husband with a good job. Pretty Lengthy Commute Nice House. Two children career opportunities career was going well and that is why I was until the FBI caught up with me. I had to face my best. And Billy figure out WHO AM I. And how do I relate to this country that I'm living? Tell us how you got caught because the story is just not complete until you like you said had to face your past one day. I was stopped the other side of toll gate crossing the Delaware River. It was initially. It was a state trooper routine stop. We would just like to check your license in vegetation and could you step out of the car. I step out of the car. Still not having a clue what was going on and then I see out of the corner of my eye somebody approaching me from the back. There was another vehicle parked there before I could put two and two together fellow introduce themselves as Joe Riley. Fbi and he showed me. This badge would like to talk with you. What are you thinking at that point? Let's go through your head right then. I knew I wasn't big trouble at no idea. How big it was. But according to WHO is my friend to Riley handled this pretty well so once. They had me in their car. We drove for about a minute First Question I asked my under arrest and the answer was no than within another minute or so. I said so what took you so long. This was my intrinsic instinct to break the ice. I always do that I think. They chuckled a little bit and I think helped break the ice. How they found me was there was a defector that used to work in the KGB archives who defected to Emmett five thirty British version of the FBI and brought with him Ole Bunch of handwritten notes add amongst. Those notes was a blurb that says Jack Barsky on New York region. Oh man that's all. They had the Russian agent had found a gravestone with the name of Joe Smith. They wouldn't have found me but they're not too many Barsky from this country. Why aren't you in jail right now? That's what people WANNA know. Okay you get caught by the FBI. What are you doing here? I've done a couple of public appearances with Joe Riley who was deleted aged on this case and his answer was Mr Barsky was a whole lot. More valuable to US cooperating. Than in jail he would cost US money and we wouldn't have gotten out of him would be got in. That was valuable to us. Incredible they probably looked at the crimes that you have done in thought okay so he reported on how insurance companies work in the United States. I think we can get over that in exchange for looking at your crypto technology the frequencies where they talked to you other people. You might know who live here with those people. Look like that information seems much more valuable. You mentioned that you've spoken in public with the FBI agent. Who caught you? What's that relationship like at one point? I said to him I said you know more about me. I remember because the debriefing process was extremely meticulous. I mean it was six weeks intense. We got to know each other. We played a little golf together. We played a lot of golf together. And he's now the Godfather for my last child. This is incredible because this is a man who if things hadn't gone so smoothly would gladly put you in jail for the rest of your life or traded you back to Moscow which would have been death sentence and now he's your daughter's Godfather and you play golf the things I'd like to tell people. Don't lose your sense of cells as part of a group. Don't ever forget who you are interesting advice coming from. Somebody who's been many.

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