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FM 97 7 Good afternoon 1 31 from the coma 24 hour News Center. I'm Jeff Poggioli. Here's what we're following the Covid outbreak so severe in Cowlitz County that the corner has asked for an emergency declaration so he can bring in a refrigeration trailer for all of the bodies. The story from Camoes Great Herschel, Coroner Tim Davidson told the county commission. He's running out of storage space, and he needs to expand capacity until the new morgue opens in about a month and the long view daily News reports. Funeral homes are also maxed out. Cowlitz County confirmed 229 new covid cases over the three day weekend, but those numbers are incomplete and they could be revised upward. Statewide. The number of patients on ventilators is up 34% over last week. Greg Herschel Co. Mo News. Another Washington fire chief, is warning that the governor's vaccine mandate may decimate his department's Camoes. Brian Calvert has more chief Jeremy Evans heads up the West Valley Fire department in Yakima with this mandate. For example, here in West Valley, we would probably be short about 50% of our personnel. Why so many because his department is mostly volunteer. If a person has not been vaccine, which is their choice, I don't think losing your volunteer part time firefighting job is enough incentive to go out and vaccinate under the governor's mandate. Non vaccinated firefighters can still go and fight flames. They just can't respond to medical emergencies. Chief, Evans says. Unfortunately, medical calls make up more than 75% of what they do so response. Time's will grow when time matters most, he says during the pandemic so far, not one of his crew members have caught the virus from a patient they were treating. Brian Calvert. Common use After audience members disrupted to recent school board meetings, The Oak Harbor School Board has decided to hold only virtual meetings for the near future commas Carlene Johnson with more. Several speakers at last week's meeting, again railed against the governor's indoor mask mandate for this school year. Multiple audience members refused to wear their masks, despite being asked by board President John Diamond several times to put them on. Two people running to unseat school board members were there. One telling members, the science is undeniable Masks are ineffective. Your motives are obvious, disgusting and worthy of all public rebuke. Although most of the comments were anti mask would be news Times reports, several people did praise board members for their leadership and adherence to covid guidelines. It was the second school board meeting that audience members have recently interrupted back on August 9th audience members were told to clear out the room after they kept shouting over board members. Charlene Johnson. Common use Come on news time 1 34. That means it's time we get a check of the roads. We do it every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Law Group Traffic.

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