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At seventy fifth street here in Jackson heights was closed in both directions for hours this morning as the q thirty-three bus sat in the middle of an intersection at buses now off to the curb here on Roosevelt does he NYPD's collision investigation squad continues to try and figure out what happened that led to this deadly accident Q thirty-three runs along Roosevelt avenue in this part of queens. The victim has not been identified by police. The driver of the bus is now being questioned by police now charges have been filed at this time. The crash happened a little before three AM. It's not known if the winter weather played factor in Jackson, heights, queens, MAC, Rosenberg WCBS, NewsRadio. Eight eighty Senator Chuck Schumer wants railroad crossings upgraded after last week's deadly crash in Westbury where a driver went around the gates and was hit by two trains. Three people were killed there. So feel hall has more. Engineering education and enforcement the three es that Senator Charles Schumer says will make a difference between life and death at railroad crossings there are many crossings that are not safe there about three hundred risky rail chorusing here on Long Island Westbury on the sheet that the F RA came out with the federal railroad administration was number forty five. This is fifty nine standing in front of a crossing here in garden city. The Senator says his Bill would fund changes at crossings, including gates that go all the way across. So you cannot drive around them for education to make sure people know how dangerous it is to try and beat a train and foreign force meant, including red light cameras red light cameras. One of the best ways to increase in forcement. It's something that's called for in our Bill Sophea hall, WCBS NewsRadio. Eight eighty one thirty six at WCBS. When you see traffic mess, tell WCBS so we can tell everyone called the Mavis discount tire. Traffic tip.

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