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Charity to learn more and lend your support It's 9 28 Traffic and weather on the 8s and when it breaks to the traffic center and Mary de pampa All right thanks Nick and things are looking up if you're traveling the capitol beltway You still have a delay on the inner loop to pass 50 John Hanson highway but ahead the debris cleanup has been completed You'll see the aero chuck along the left side but most folks are traveling straight through and I all four lanes with a bit of a delay to get through it as the debris flies around Now once you're out of here and you're heading toward the Woodrow Wilson bridge across the bridge in the local lanes we're still congested in Alexandria passing telegraph road Here too both lanes are open with activity on both shoulders so it's a little bit of a slowdown the end of the local lanes and then when they merge together you're back to speed That's it for the fairfax county side of the beltway but not it for Virginia We have 95 in Stafford county heading northbound from Jan from 17 past the centerport Parkway mile marker one three 8 You had the left side of the roadway blocked with the crash That means southbound was looking at it and delayed from about a quiet harbor all the way to the scene easy pass express lanes points southbound route one is the alternative for northbound travel is very very congested If you join 95 from courthouse road to go northbound that does put you beyond the incident Now nothing on 66 but route 7 a long-standing crash investigation continues to close route 7 in Vienna being diverted at each end between baron Cameron avenue and forrestville drive Bueller road following police direction I two 95 running northbound as Jan through oxen hill are out of oxen hill passing laboratory road hitting the brakes toward Malcolm X avenue to the suitland park ray single right lane getting by the works on there Same in Maryland Baltimore Washington Parkway jam from 32 toward one 75 single lane getting by the works Brought to you by window nation the spring break sale now get two free Windows every two by four as many as you need make no payments for two years Call 8 6 6 90 nation today Mary de pompa WTA traffic Storm team four meteorologist Michelle Grossman A nice spring day today mostly sunny and cool We're going to see evening clouds later with a cold front highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s Tonight mostly cloudy.

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