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Treatment technologies to come to a courtesy call at your house. Because this is stumping me, and I'd like them and this is going to cost you a dime. This is on my dime. They're going to come check it, See what they can do and offer suggestions. How weaken Eliminate this because I'm stumped. And I hate being stumped. So we'll we'll get to Pettijohn family out there and take a look at it. We've got your name. We've got your number. I'ma reach out to you. Not on Monday. We reach out to you on Tuesday and will get disappointment made Okay? And my friend You're welcome. And a lot of people ask. Is there a way I can cool the water Right now There's nothing cost effective. Ah, Water is a funny thing. It's it's expensive to move. And it's expensive to change the temperature of it. Central Arizona Project Canal is the largest Power consumer in the entire state. 60% of that is the original pumping plant out of the Colorado River to Mark Wilmer Station where they have 6 66,000 horsepower pumps. To bring the water out of the river up the mountain and into the canal tow let gravity flow. Each pump is 66,000 horsepower. Yes, and there are six of them at full operating speed. That's a few amps. They'll use more electricity than the whole town of The whole city of Lake Havasu. Yeah, imagine, Wow, but they do it very effectively, and they don't do a lot of pumping in the summer. We'll pump it when electricity is cheaper, and they fill it in like pleasant because most of their delivers her past Lake Pleasant. Then they'll let pump it out of Lake Pleasant in the summer because it's cheaper to pump it out of there than up a vertical wall of the but Cliff Mountains or buckskin. Is that the buckskin backflip buckskin mount looks so So there is an opportunity out there for an inventor to figure out a way to chill water because cases from the municipalities And the treatment tank. You know if you're really close to a water treatment facility No that that water's above ground being treated. Then it gets pumped underground to your house. Well, there's not a long distance of travel there, and it doesn't have time to cool off. Back to the earth's temperature or the underground temperature before it at your home, and you know if we could figure out a cost effective way to chill the water For Arizona and the Southwest. That's a multi million dollar just waiting to hit the market. So we have Steven next. Will atleast get his question on air before we go to our first break. If we can't finish this in less than a minute, Stephen, Welcome the program. How may we help you? Thank you. Um, I have four French doors on my house and at the vertical Astro galaxy on all of them that river Steel's going on all of them. And I'm having a hard time trying to find this. Like any other t bold feel that goes in that vertical channel on all three of them as curious as any recommendations on work. Where are you? Where are you, Stephen? I'm the Thunderbird and hit the one freeway. Thunderbird 51. Well, there's Scottsdale Custom Door. It's Casal Airport. There's Arcadia door at 68 ST Thomas, the old Ponderosa lumber store. Go to adore specialty shop like one of those, and they'll be able to set you up with theatrical. Those those double French doors are really one of the hardest because once you get him sealed up They move on and then and then you need to re seal him again and again and again. But there are new seals their new technologies for handling that I will tell you. It's one of the reasons we very seldom install double would French doors anymore? They're just too tough. To keep sealed up, which are generally using Ah composite French door Now that's more dimensionally stable. It's hard to stop a train inside the train testing facility there. Cooling and heating products go through endless torture test to ensure they can run through anything and what they say torture. It's not taken lightly. They drop Slam against the wall and shake up, then expect him to run without an extra decibel of sound in the antique Oex sound chamber without fail, Drop, slam shaped silence with no end in sight. That's why it's hard to stop a train. Train dot com..

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