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In stakes races at ease. Really just getting beat by horses either. Get better tips than or Either get better tricks that can were probably just better on the day. Herodotus being one of them but Majora sorry is a board obviously can't go wrong to El Rosarito and He always comes running late no matter the pace in front of himself. Pick slate on per second for me in third. I will say billy. That's a his. His grassroots is obviously much better than that lasts. Dirt race in I think the miles probably going to be his destiny for the rest of his career tote if he can you know a good stockton trip? He'll be there late no matter what and the final race ligaments that we're going to get to on the Churchill downs card. Wasn't that win again? Eighty-five Derby points for grabs fifty for the winner in mention start. This does bring back the return of Max Field You know I think everyone like I mentioned the beginning. Everyone's pretty much under the especially with how poorly that Breeders Cup juvenile field. Turn out. Pretty sure it's a universal opinion that Max `field would have won that race by a lot of lengths and basically would have had the rest of field begging for mercy in that You know but he. He is off a layoff but aside from that he's been working good lot sign show. That McAfee is going to be in store for big year here. The one problem with him in years that there is not much speed. The only real speed factor in this race would be the number six New York traffic now. New York traffic did run a really good race in Louisiana Derby last at two run second but that race was kind of merry go round race that feature the one to going on the lead the entire time so I I could see a situation where he gets where maccesfield get stuck in a situation not having a paste run into that also factors into another horse major fed who was second in one in the division of that was won by modernist and was four last. Start out in the Louisiana Derby. He did not have a pace to run into at all and he close really nice to get four. That was really impressive for for him to close from last to fourth in that race with having zero pace to run into. He's another one that is dependent on a good pace trip And if it doesn't pan out which there's a possibility it could not fan out then there would definitely be problems with him there but you know maximum is GonNa be the big horse in here There's some other horse in here that I know. Eric wants to mention but Chino. I can't go against Max `field because of how impressive he was last year. The two year old The one concern to concerns a layoff and the pace but I'm going to swallow Lavenham. Swallow the pace and I'm going to go with McAfee here. Just because I know that he has all the talent in the world and I've always said Makhdoom probably in in the conversation to be with I guess heart top four. Tis The lost an adult Charlotte authentic. I think he's in that I guess you could make in the five and that's your top.

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