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All right the other big international story was this announcement today from Attorney General William Barr I'm here to announce the indictment of Chinese military hackers specifically for members of the Chinese people's Liberation Army for breaking into the computer systems of the credit reporting agencies Equifax hackers obtained the names birthdates and social security numbers of nearly a hundred and fifty million Americans and the driver's licenses of approximately ten of at least ten million Americans so pretty much half the country just just about they found this out now three years ago twenty seventeen the date of the blog a hundred forty five million it was all kinds of stuff the bad stuff the social security number your driver's license number your address your birthday other information which basically opens you up for the most part to all of your accounts being accessed by somebody well there's no proof fade done any of that they believe they also were really trying to study Equifax's data and trade secrets and may have stolen that as well it the Chinese are course accused of hacking Marriott and anthem and getting millions of files on government employees in the office of personnel management before so I don't know if this is just sort of a let's see if we can do it how does it work they're not they don't appear to be disrupting at the point at this moment the deputy director of the FBI David Barrett said that this may have been a way to basically cast a giant nets you know half of the American public basically they would have their information on Equifax in order to hand pick the information from individual high profile US officials whether it's politicians of owners of companies businesses celebrities possibly for counter intelligence but but again there's no evidence that they've actually done that to this no they might have been just testing Equifax shares are down a percentage point today on an update on the market eight it's also been you know a difficult time then for Experian and I forget who the third what the third credit rating agency as a sort of like is is your data safe and I actually interviewed the C. E. O. Experian North America Craig bounties on the CEOs you should know page about all the tools that Experian has gone through trying make you trust to secure your information but this is I don't know if you got one of those letters I got one of those letters saying Hey you can get it yeah you can get me and they they agreed to pay seven hundred million dollars which was going to be a hundred twenty five dollars per customer but then everybody's piling in I did not sign up because it required me to give them information and they already blue ones right the irony of that was was not lost on a lot of people if you want to sign up to get your chunk of that hi here just give us all of the information that we will then loosely hold on to in hopes that someone doesn't get it from us yes so the Chinese are all of the newspaper to take out a right turn here I started watching on HBO the documentary make millions yes it is so good for those of you don't know it's about that the fraud in the monopoly contest at McDonald's from I think was nineteen eighty eight to two thousand and one and how this sleepy FBI office in Jacksonville Florida got on to it it is fan tastic the FBI agent who sort of took the check the leader at the young at the time young FBI agent Doug Matthews he's worth watching it just adjust for that there's somebody behind that like a producer credit on that that was a well here's my question I don't yeah mark I think mark Wahlberg yeah mark Wahlberg he's a never you're right you're right yeah he's on everything he's got the midas touch when it comes to producing stuff here's my question when you watch that documentary McDonald's cooperated and McDonald's I I don't know how they convinced McDonald's I don't know if there was some sort of like we're gonna let you take a first look which would be against all the rules of documentary making right but they have the global head of security for McDonald's and that they have the woman who ended up as part of the undercover FBI sting operation who was McDonald's employee it it's really are the talk about not trusting SO now of course bonds has the monopoly game but I'm like no not plan I don't trust I don't trust anybody now I don't trust Equifax I don't trust McDonald's why do trust me down a little bit and so far there's only one episode out I mean that is six episodes since once a week there doling it out I think that SO two comes out tonight yeah the F. B. I. agent eight this is because I know someone who is FBI special agent up in the bay area who's very new with all the new technology this is two thousand one technology free Google link kind of stuff and they had to figure out how to track this down it's just old good old school detective work that's correct millions yes there's my there's my what you watch on Wednesday on a Monday yeah all right speaking to watch watch in Wednesday last night the Academy Awards our site wins Best Picture that's probably the least surprising thing that happened and that was pretty surprising well yeah and and the fact that he swept he had a screen play director and he quoted Martin Scorsese choose a course course as eager as some it it was it was wonderful and then they try to bring the lights down before the second producer could talk and the and the crowd is screaming lights up up up okay I'm sorry I'm getting I'm getting into the next page we'll do that when we come back and why Eminem was there who I had introduced him to my kids I had to Google that why does he did a great job he was great power the forty seven year old baby all during channel will continue Jane well said and we have a thousand dollars we're gonna give way we'll tell you how you can win that as well Amy can what's going on.

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