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The fiftieth anniversary of the tet offensive talk a bit about that were you're the pair to enter another brick gruber vietnam warded gert coley misrepresentative are constantly here the offensive referred to her battle zip it was a single individual battle and the head of penn who comprise 100 a separate battle and because of the media coverage of it and even today at win a lot of historians recounted um all the individual ism of those battles has been lost and uh i think that it's a disservice to the public because they're not be properly informed and educated about the war and that's one of the purposes of this book you know if you merican tend to think of the revolutionary war in the civil war in world war two in terms of individual battles and that's never really been the case with vietnam and that's one of the objectives of this book was the kinda put some of the names uh of these battles on the radar screens so people can identify and uh one of the unfortunate aspects of how the military the marine corps in the rv identified battles was simply by operations and uh that denied uh veterans of those battles the ability to recount uh their experiences and actions and something that uh that in a form that people could remember and is early is about 19th sixty six one of the great one agrees historians of the war even mentioned that that was probably by design uh the the the military's trying to obscure uh the actions and not reveal the degree of sacrifice in these individual battles and and.

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