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Here on c span radio coming up just a few minutes fox news sunday chris wallace's guests include un ambassador nikki haley and south carolina republican congressman trey out of come up just a few minutes here on c span radio until then here's more from this morning's washington journal with former us ambassador to syria more connelly our guest is invest your connolly she is joining us from new york we're talking about syria what is next for the united states and our allies france and great britain also reaction from the united nations and other allies across europe and the middle east stephen is joining us from windham connecticut hey good morning thanks for taking my call this was a great moral victory after reading the horrors of world war one i really think we needed to respond i was afraid of analysis paralysis but the facts here point you know in the future we own the us special forces on our side of the euphrates river we should split syria along that river bay it's this is our time this is our chance to create a new country for the peoples of that area for the sudanese for the kurds we need another country there that's can have free and fair elections this is our chance to do it and i think the west should really consider with our allies you've the uk france deriding that nation stephen thank you for the call we'll get a response industry connolly i understand the temptation that underlies that that idea but i i would be very wary of the wester the us unilaterally carving up countries we saw during the colonial period that having arbitrary lines drawn to suit external interest didn't necessarily result in very stable countries i think we really need to work with syria as it is president presently constituted and tried to come up with some and state in syria where the country is able to govern itself and live at peace with its neighbors i when i lived in syria i found it remarkable.

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