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John fast we begin with NFL news and a pair of, rookies who seasons are over even before they started. Redskins running back Darius suffered a torn ACL and last night's preseason game the second round pick, out of LSU will miss the entire season and colts receiver Dion Kane a sixth round draft pick and. A functional also be out of action for the, rest of the year he too with a. Torn ACL suffered last night Games on the preseason scoreboard at. MetLife stadium there in the fourth quarter the jets have a seventeen nothing lead on the falcons, touchdown passes in this one or both teddy Bridgewater n Sam darnold coming up at the bottom of the. Hour in Oakland it's the raiders hosting the lines Brown, to the PGA championship was suspended by nasty weather in the Saint Louis area Gary woodland has lead in the clubhouse at ten under par Kevin Kisner one, shot back Brooks kept go after a seven, hundred sixty three eight hundred, and two shots off the lead Dustin Johnson Charles Schwartz who who also finished with a. Seven hundred sixty three Thomas Peters and Rickie Fowler are all. At seven, under, they're all in the clubhouse after two. Rounds except for Fowler who still on the course he's two under through, ten turning to baseball in, the Bronx bottom of the eighth for the Rangers lead the Yankees twelve. To five home runs in. This one for Ronald Bonn numbers ten eleven and twelve bottom six at Camden Yards the Red Sox. Lead the Orioles eleven to, ten bomb seven in Atlanta Braves all over the brewers ten to one bottom seven in Chicago Indians and White Sox are scoreless they are top seventy Houston the Mariners Astros are. Tied at two Carlos Correa back From the deal today for Houston after missing the last thirty six games with, a sore back top six in Kansas City. Cardinals have a five nothing, lead on the royals another home run for Matt carpenter a two run shot in the. Second his thirty seconds of the season top four in Denver. Dodgers and, Rockies, tied at three earlier the cubs edge. The nationals three two two Jason Hayward's two run single in the sixth, the cubs I had the, game tied the game up at two and he says despite sitting atop. The central nothing's come easy. This year every day is like that for us unfortunately You other teams maybe make sure or. Not We're going to get everybody's, best and as nature of the. Beast there and we've got a welcome out we've. Got a.

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