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C. his new book got a lot of months during up over at NBC he's he's he's brutal and to his credit he's done the research he's pretty much been spot on with everything he's reported in the past so he kind of deserve the benefit of the doubt on all this now I believe is what comes out tomorrow tomorrow his book hits stores and it's called catch and kill lies spies and a conspiracy to protect predators and it's not sexual predators there's a lot in there about Harvey Weinstein Stein and the horrible things he was doing in Hollywood and him using his money to try to influence media coverage and or the lack thereof of his own sexual escapades but it also goes into Matt Lauer gate which was going on at NBC and if you remember rob some of the things that were reported about Matt Lauer these are some you know pretty racy things here his office was basically like a sex dungeon where it had a lock on it but he could touch from his desk and then they could do all kinds of freaky stuff in there he was doing very well he what we came into his voice mail set of like I'll get back to you busy right now I'm not doing the heavy dampening policy no when I'm done leave a message out so Ronan Farrow he went on the view today because the brass at NBC they're already in damage control they're trying to make it look like he has no credibility nothing to see here were fine over here this is all fake news they put out an all staff email like a memo a mission statement every employee at NBC news talking about this book and how awful it was and how Ronan Farrow is just upset because he was supposed to have some sort of news program on NBC and it didn't happen so he's got an axe to grind this is Ronan Farrow on the view earlier today would you claim that NBC had multiple secret settlements and non disclosures with women who alleged misconduct from Lauer years before this incident but NBC they put out a statement today calling this quote false they say the agreements you seem to be referring to involve employees who made no complaint to management and whose department agreements departure agreements were unrelated allow and completely routine they add we have no secrets we've got nothing to hide do you have proof there there is proof and a paper trail in this book and here's the thing the nature of secret sexual harassment settlements employed by Harvey Weinstein employed by NBC employability institutions in this book is that they don't say here's a pay out see you don't talk about Matt Lauer and these specific things he did to you the nature is we know legally yeah it's euphemistic it's a payout for silence it bans them from talking about the company and what it knew it's designed to protect executives but we did the reporting and found that just about everyone involved in all these transactions said this was explicitly designed to shut up women with allegations about sexual harassment and here again the risk there is if companies continue to silence people editors stay at companies right and more people potentially get her those rona feral on the view earlier today it's really it's fascinating to me these guys like a wind steam or Lauer you're so big and so powerful there's tons of women who would sleep with you for absolutely nothing not connected to your job well you know why do you continue to do this it has to be a power and control the power thing it's an ego thing it's a control thing I mean not saying that it's the same thing but you look at the book fifty shades of grey right that whole book was about a guy an employee basically didn't she kind of worked under him but it is not power yeah is not controlling one person and if it's somebody you see every day you take it on as a challenge as I'm an alpha male I'm the powerful one I've got the cash you'll do whatever I want that's the way some of these dudes think because it just if the mindset fascinates me because again you're so rich in your so powerful and there's tons of women who do it for free and there's tons of women who make a lot of money at it who would do it for cash and you never hear a peep out in these guys put themselves in this position here's a little bit more from Ronan Farrow going on the view today also in that email was blast out to the employees this morning at a BC I think they would rather not be speaking anymore us on this is that if they say that you have an axe to grind against NBC news you at a show that was canceled there that you are angry with them how do you respond not even slightly the book is very clear about the fact that I have friendly relationships with all these people outside of the killing of the winds dean story not only highly of them and the only reason that I'm not there now is because it became increasingly clear to me after all this went down that there was a much bigger story that this was more than just the killing of one story this was a pattern of concealment and source after source came to me saying they had been abused in this corporate context and that there were systems designed to cover it up I mean NBC it sounds like was a frat house at one point and listen we heard the stories of fox to what Roger ailes was doing bill o'reilly was allegedly doing over at fox but here's where I have an issue rob where is the outrage from all the other media outlets and social media about what was happening at NBC news because when you look at fox everybody was so quick to pile on Roger ailes and bill Reilly and they're making movies about it now Charlie steer on in a new movie but all the sexual harassment and stuff that was going on over at fox where's the Matt Lauer movie where all these other networks talking about Matt Lauer is it because they are a liberal type organization and because it's not fox news it just feels like there's a little inconsistency here and it just continues to baffle my mind it's like the the teachers that sleep with their students or whatever it's in this modern era how do you think you're gonna get away get away with that look you're an adult you only have a couple rules right and that's one of them is a teacher same thing here if your Matt Lauer if you're one scene if your ails you could have anybody you want just don't pick somebody you work with and the other days Savannah Guthrie and Hoda they were on the air talking about the new allegations that Matt Lauer had about how during the Olympics he took one of the reporters up to his room and next thing you know there's all kinds of stuff taking place listen to how sad and house shook Savannah and Hoda are having to talk about this the like we owe it to our viewers tend to pause for a moment on you know this is shocking and appalling and I honestly don't even know what to say about it I want to say that we and I know wasn't easy for our colleague box to come forward then it's not easy now and with support hurry any women who have come forward with claims and it's just very painful for all of us at NBC and who are at the today show Hammond you know it's very very very difficult I'm looking at you and I'm having a weird moment that we were sitting here just like this two years ago and truth be told the band I did a little prayer upstairs just before just to sort of sort out what we're gonna do prayer where all the stairs hold it just said we had to hurry before we talked about all the horrible things Matt Lauer used to do and what a giant load of crap like there are isolated incidents that that happened with your co workers like if he if he was isolating worry rates this woman you say wow I never saw it coming that's awful it's terrible here we work together every day we know each other very well no we don't know every facet of our existence but we know each other well Ireland I know each other well this guy was a serial sexual predator you're not going to tell me they didn't know this was going on he had a sex dungeon foreign office and okay let's just say for minutes dad's devil's advocate they had no idea Matt Lauer fooled them they thought he was Mister Rogers and then the story happens and there's all this evidence would you still have to pray to talk about it because I will be honest with you I knew Jared Fogle I knew subway jerit I've worked in promotions and marketing pretty much my whole life in radio and we used to have to do events with subway and subway Jerod would be there I went to the two thousand nine Superbowl down in Miami and there was an event with subway jerit so we met him before the event I was in his apartment or his hotel room with a bunch of other sponsors and stuff the minute I found out all the crap was going on I didn't have to pray to say that due to creep I want nothing to do with that I wash my hands completely I had no idea but yeah I did have to pray and I wasn't sad about it and it's the basic part of this dude's existence like you said he had an actual sex dungeon in his office it's the equivalent of people going I am outraged to learn that rob Kendall and Jason hammer heavy drinking and gambling problem like really know we bet on sports we like beer and and alcohol like no one surprised to hear that they knew who this guy was this is ridiculous the hammer Nigel show rob candles in for big knowledge we got another tweet from a guy that looks like shepherd Smith dad that want to rip rob Kendall and we'll read hi welcome to this ad for new subway slaughter starting at one eighty nine each how do you want to cheer squad give me a one what what spell anything.

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