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Philadelphia the eagles game it's been over for hours. passing by wide receiver Nelsen Adelard. in the formal he lost were fresh from the mind of former firefighter high team lost to the back door said he joined in the effort to save trapped children and as he described the fire he threw in this eagles burn how man we've got to handle or phrase on Mike echo lore became an instant trend on Philly Twitter Scott Goldberg ABC news Georgia judge is deciding whether to let one of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws stand at least for now this story from Jim Priscilla a federal judge in Atlanta is considering whether to block George's new abortion law while a legal challenges pending the law set to go into effect January first bans most abortions once a fetal heart beat is detected that's about six weeks into pregnancy when many women don't even realize they're pregnant Republican lead legislatures in several states have approved a similar so called fetal heart beat laws federal judges have already blocked several of them Jim chrysalis CBS news it's three eighteen and the story five religious nonprofits splitter grab that's meant to beef up security the story from Walter Ratliff this hour for Jewish organizations and an Islamic school in Rhode Island are sharing a one hundred fifty thousand dollar grant to enhance security the Rhode Island emergency management agency says the federal grant money is available to non profits at a high risk of a terrorist attack they were selected from among a group of seventeen applicants a representative of the Islamic school says the grant will help the school paper fencing to make a playground more secure the grants are to enhance the protection of soft targets in crowded places and mitigate the loss of life and property against threats and hazards I Walter Ratliff. house majority whip Jim Clyburn says his wife family was the steady influence on his entire political life from the very beginning South Carolina lawmakers spoke at a service for his late wife in Charleston he says she told them always to be graceful in both political victory and defeat Lee Cliburn was eighty when she died last week she and her husband were married for nearly six decades three nineteen. when.

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