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The pandemic, the way this team finished the race. Their season and crash the playoff party made you feel they could win just about any night. That's why I'm glad Xfinity provides me with a front row seat, especially this winter, when I wasn't able to get to capital, one arena for the home games, and, of course, when the Wizard on the road Nothing's better than watching NBC Sports Washington Game in and game out this spring, we even had a regular season game or two on ESPN. I think we might have a few more next winter. I'm also able to rewind plays when I want to see Russell Westbrook grab another rebound. Bradley Deal rip off a ridiculous amount of shots or Darvis protons Bury another three. The Wiz may not wind up NBA champs this year, but with the Xfinity I'm always ready from tip to Buster. If you didn't know Xfinity has something for everyone Visit your local Xfinity store to find out more. Nobody t o p at 3 28 traffic and weather on the eighth. So let's get to date. Gilda Hainan the Nobody T OBY Traffic Center. Are you, Dave? You there? Yes. Arizona Avenue in Northwest have been blocked. Hilary Sean because of an earlier oil slick on the hill, Arizona Avenue was blind between MacArthur Boulevard Canal wrote and noting long outbound delays from Sibley out in Maryland on MacArthur Boulevard. So that'll happen sometimes when access to Clara Barton parkways restricted, so it seems Entirely possible that Arizona Avenue might still be blocked there in palace states awaiting further updates. Meantime, D C to 95 Southeast Southwest Freeway Moderate to heavy traffic. Early Rush Hour certainly has made a comeback in recent weeks all around the Beltway through Maryland and Virginia. We've got many portions that are congested on the outer loop heavy through Alexandria, the Wilson Bridge that's all volume. It's that rubber necking in Temple Hills. There's a crash after the Temple Hill Road overpass on the right shoulder. For Brash Avenue. The disabled truck on the outer loop after 50 is on the left shoulder still slow through land over and volume delays in Montgomery County purely related to just that. Just have your traffic. No incidents reported to 70 North bound, slowing down a Gaithersburg south down past 1 21 Clarksburg crash along the far right side 50 of the Bay Bridge eastbound brief delay two way traffic in effect. Rale Boulevard near Weems Creek. A crash reported westbound before the ramps that lead onto Route 50 in Virginia 95. It's heavy and slow between Springfield Dale City, but it's much better than it was this time yesterday, No major crashes reported between the Beltway in Fredericksburg, 66. West on it off the breaks between the Beltway and Manassas just volume westbound on interstate 66. Dave. Don't nine w t o P. Traffic. Let's talk Weather with Amelia Draper highs on this Wednesday in the upper seventies, too low eighties with a bit of humidity out there, needy and isolated shower will have some scattered showers overnight tonight with cloudy skies otherwise and lows in the sixties. Rain and storms are in the forecast tomorrow, mainly during the afternoon and evening hours and storms could be strong to severe, with heavy rain leading to flooding concerns. And the potential for damaging winds. Potentially some hail as well with highs in the mid seventies, too low eighties. We warmed to around 80 again on Friday with more scattered showers and storms, instructing four meteorologist Amelia Draper Antillean 80. We're sitting at 79 at B. W Why Marshall Word 81 in northwest D c. W T o p news time. 3 30 This'll is w t o p your source for today's top news, traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated. W T O p. Never miss a moment. Tell you t O p s top news is brought to you by van Meter homes. Find a home. That's right for you at van meter homes dot com. Good afternoon. I'm Sean Anderson..

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