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Of the draft report you'll layton's a favorite of mine crumble walkon been kind of a one and a half years starter at boise state was dominant last year tremendous in run support just very instinctive has the ability to and get to where the ball carrier is to get around heavy traffic equality young man on and off and i think he's got a chance to be a really good football player in the nfl nearly a hundred fifty tackles last year for boise that is a self made player lleyton bandrich late vander estimate he plays he came to play nine man football in boise idaho recruited player out of high school it's a tremendous human interest story but he's also a very good football player this is an active active guy and you know that's a i liked that player and again to what was saying they do need some defensive health they're doing they're doing some switching their with their scheme and what they're doing good pick they lost anthony hitchens as mike pointed out earlier very versatile linebacker shaun evans is known as being the versatile linebacker in this draft that still available why did they go vandereycken over evans i think length length again they're gonna this is a piece that they're gonna move around they will move this guy they'll move around some when you wash tape on on on vendor as what you see is gonna watch him he's gonna he's shoots through a lot of gaps he runs a lot of gaps he runs a lot of gaps slips a lot of blocks not a lot of take on in his game you know there's not a lot of take on it he needs to learn how to use his hands but he's got length he's got speed and he's got a tremendous tremendous he runs it high rpm all the time and plus i mean i'd never vetted the kid don't know the kid what i've heard and what you know in talking to people about him i mean this is the kind of guy you want on your football team nineteen picks in the books eleven of them defense four quarterbacks the detroit lions are scheduled to go next did they trade at twenty that's been the talk coming in more coming up in the two thousand eighteen draft combine work and the team visits.

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