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Mark levin water wait emme yeah no further you'll do a john conyers nancy pelosi sealed uh matt lauer and all the other stuff may i the whole thing about nbc combat lower fascinating can you imagine being the shareholder of a company to think about this remote you're a shareholder let's just say you're a shareholder of nbc your shareholder of of any any publicly traded company an management the ceo the coo the council counsel for all i know the board of directors is aware is aware of sexual predatory practices being conducted or that your uh maybe your senior vp of of whatever somewhere using a matt lauer analogy he's not even the senior vp but he was there star talent but a publicly traded company and the ceo the chairman of the board the coo the general council and by extension i would assume the hr person and maybe you're maybe not the board of directors my guest is probably not the board of directors knows about criminal.

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