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The appointments will be at the new state run vaccination cited Phoenix Me. Municipal stadium, February 5th through the 18th appointments of both state run sites in the Valley were fully booked before these new appointments. Deborah Dale, Katya our news to our eyes on the economy, 3/5 of all jobs that haven't come back from the pandemic are high contact, like in bars, theaters salons. Wells Fargo Senior economist Mark Vitner expects them back by the start of next year. We don't know we just don't know Ella vaccinations are gonna play out very hopeful and very encouraged by what we're seeing, but hopefully we won't see a setback and some sort of mutation of the virus vendor says Covets banks and one part of the country will hurt the whole country's economy. And people will keep moving to Phoenix. So for better paying jobs and cheaper homes, pandemic or not, as we continue to explore the impact of cancer on both firefighters and the Valley cities they work for Tempe is now working to catch the disease. Early. Firefighters in Tempe are now getting free cancer screenings at Vince, your Cancer center in Scottsdale. This after the city match to grant securing a one year program. Just enough resource is to have all of our firefighters from fire chief all the way down to the brand new firefighter have cancer screening. In Tempe Deputy chief Mark Maynor says the recent loss of one of their own pushes others to go get checked. We lost firefighter Tommy are al got about a year ago. And you know it's so tragic when a young late thirties felt an occupational cancer and you lose him. Ventnor Katya, our new Katya our news time 707. And now here's Detour.

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