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Play special in the rogers kids were there with two teams inject quiz rogers me the couldn't trust those guys me to be in oregon state always ready to ambush u s e up in corvallis the call for the rain the call for the fog in the call for the fittler's three in its thing i know him down seven points in the fourth quarter going like going on here and that friday night game at a leave its september twenty nine usca at washington state standalone friday night game tonja boys from troy best be ready for that one as he's got much more important things on the horizon though to start the year and i'll get into their schedule and pete rbs the voices southern cal they'll law join me probably in the next week or so sea of pete back from the did see what peter arbogast i mean i think the guys gang deny takes a threemonth vacations beyonce's comes with the territory there who said with us he football so you'll nine obt really enjoys in i know he has c faithful and julian combed the games tomorrow night we'll talk a little ucla football looking forward to that i wound the coaches on courtesy of are good pal david the neave who usually only comes up with basketball guys but now has come up with a football and that that was a thing as i went deep deep like did you call my buddy angus yet and i go in you know bed basketball still down the rhone amid enfopol there's no thompson these on the football team minizoos coach with the football thomason saddam nn now you tell me so i took a little bit longer than i should have probably do to make that initial call angus mcclure he is uh one of the guys at rooms i believe the defensive line but he's been at ucla for i think 1213 years so he will be on the show tomorrow night at seven thirty and done thanks to do to dino's appreciate david's scoot solid guess i mean these wellconnected in college basketball world no doubt about it but here he goes outside of his territory outside of his comfort zone to the.

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