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You just got to be looking for them. And when you have a quarterback it allows you to use every avenue, Chris, you're good friends with John Dorsey, Cleveland, the way, you're building your culture, I know, and and I beat up on doors you'll little bit. And I love you. But it's interesting because you're very very tight Dorsey is taken a few more personality risks in his build. You've taken a fewer personality risks. And it's interesting. Because you kind of have a little different world view on this. And yet, you're very close friends when you look at Cleveland, what do you see? Well, look, I'll I'll say this about John John is an elite talent evaluator. I didn't really. I mean, always knew it when I worked in Chicago, and he was in Green Bay. But when I win work side by side with him in Kansas City. He is truly amazing. With his ability to recognize talent. And then not be scared to go acquire it. And you know, he really doesn't worry about what the outside world things. He worries about what internally what they think. And how they're going to handle it. So, you know, look, I look at a very talented team John's got a plan on how to manage it. And they're definitely a force to be reckoned with because of all the town. He's acquired here in the last two years since he's been at the helm last year, you were recognized as having the best draft. You had guys that not only came in played. They were pro bowlers Darius Leonard a Quinton Nelson. It's funny about drafts. You have a bunch of players. You obviously went after speed everybody on your board that I saw can run that was clearly one of the things, you know, even I can figure out, but when you do your drafts when do you truly know Chris? All right. This is gonna work isn't there even this morning? A little fear that one guy won't step up, or when do you know this class works? Well, I mean, look you do that's we put so much on our scouts. And we have such a collaborative effort here. In terms of get looked the key to the draft is information. That's that's the key. Whoever gets the best information is usually good at drafting. And that's in every area from town evaluation to medical to character to intelligence all those things, you know, have to measure up and the closer you can get to the whole the better chance for success. You're going to have and we always feel good. But is there there's always I geared TV talk to every team. They're gonna say, well, we did great. But at the end of the day every player you draft has to earn it. They have to come in the building. And they have to be what we said they were going to be one hundred percent now that that's that's impossible. But we want to be as close to the whole as we can. And every guy's gonna earn it and even back to like one of the big messages. I had the last year's draft class was okay. This was unbelievable. What you just did? But you've got to do it. Again. You can't read. Based on not in this league. You gotta be pushing forward at all points trying to get better. Somebody's gonna catch you. I've had to NFL general managers. Tell me that you drafted Peres Campbell right before they did. And both of them said we just got sick to our stomach when Ballard got pairs Campbell. He is a remarkable athlete. Talk a little about him. Because now that you have a quarterback. I I look at your class, and I think man Perez Campbell could be the best guy taken after the first round. Gimme your thoughts about him the player and the process of drafting him. Well, look, we we exhausted perish because we went eight Zeon him through the process and we liked him from coaching. Scouting. We all like him. Any checked all the boxes of everything we stand for and then sometimes on traff day, you just get lucky. I can't sit here and tell you I thought he was going to be there with the fifty ninth pick of the draft. And I remember looking up around pick fifty seven and looking at frightened saying we need to take pairs now..

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