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Tools help you fine tune your short list so you can get moving to your other to do list poster next job but indeed dot com slash higher all right whether and here's meteorologist Shannon o'donnell well late in the day on Tuesday the sun came out over downtown Seattle thought us out for a little bit but we're heading right back into the deep freeze here after dark temps are going to drop to or below freezing as we head into the evening commute so take it easy out there and here comes another round of snow as we head into our Tuesday night and Wednesday morning much of it is going to be laying down around the strait of Juan de Fuca between four forks in port Angeles rather and then back to the kids at peninsula west side there around hood canal we could see one two three to four inches around Seattle and ever but locally higher amounts five to eight around the straightened back around the kids at peninsula as we head into Wednesday morning in the coming weather center I'm meteorologist welcome some break continues here at Seattle center where it's thirty degrees come on news time three thirty five governor Insley delivered his annual state of the state address today and he spent most of his speech focusing on one issue the story from come most of Pohjola governor initially spoke for about thirty minutes touching on issues like higher education the opioid crisis and more but the majority of his speech was about homelessness to be successful or responsible must match the school of this crisis the water problem demands a statewide response Fisher Lee reiterated his call to spend three hundred million dollars from the state's rainy day fund to add shelter beds and expand services for the homeless Jeff Pohjola come on news president trump pushing to dismiss his impeachment trial before it begins ABC sandy feel joining us on the common is lined with more on.

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