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All three work in trade in a similar fashion but there are some differences between them at the time i'm recording this one bitcoin is worth about eighteen thousand dollars one a theory on is worth about eight hundred dollars in one light coin is worth about three hundred fifty dollars there's tons of cryptocurrencies there's hundreds in fact one of my best friends came over the other day we're hanging out talking about cryptocurrency and he said he had recently invested in a chinese cryptocurrency called tron i said how much trauma trading for now he said well when i invested it was at three cents and now it's almost out five cents so his fifty dollars is now worth about eighty dollars so if you're not that into a theory on light coin or bitcoin you can do you research and find other cryptocurrencies online that are trading for less than a penny or you can stick with the more popular cryptocurrencies which i personally have been doing just because it's easier to track in their more established and readily available well i think i should also note that just because one bitcoin costs eighteen thousand dollars that doesn't mean that you have to pay eighteen thousand dollars to get involved you can pay twenty dollars and owned just a small fraction of a bitcoin it's just like the stock market so you can invest ten dollars five dollars you can vest a hundred thousand dollars just like you would in the stock market here's what i'm doing and not advising you to do the same i just received lots of questions asking about this that's why we're here talking about bitcoin and cryptocurrency and a lot of people have asked for what i have personally done and here is i've invested a few hundred dollars a small now not my whole savings and not anything that is going to greatly impact my life if it goes to zero is it possible that cryptocurrency and bitcoin and light coin in a theory 'em all bottom ongo two zero no it's extremely extremely unlikely is it likely that they're going to spike like they did at the end of november and go up.

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