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To this altering document lying to people railroading a three star general former director of the D. I s o. They could illegally spy with illegal warrants. On the Trump campaign, the trump transition and the Trump White House these air got are these felonies these damn all better be felonies. Otherwise we don't live in a country at all. And, interestingly enough, the judge that Kevin Kline Smith will be appearing for his named Boasberg Boasberg or Bo Ellsberg and the judge is one of the FISA court judges. Now I think that may to some reasonable people create the perception of impropriety, and perhaps there might be an issue with having one of the FISA court judges. Presiding over the case of Kevin Kline's myth, pleading guilty for a engaging in a conspiracy to deceive the FISA courts. Now sit in court, singular but the judges and that's just a remarkable remarkable things. Also, I did mention the Seattle place tops or the video on there's a video video came out a couple of weeks ago. It's audio really of a 911 call in Fredericksburg, Virginia. That tells you pretty much everything you need to know about. Today's Democrat Party where they're taking the country and all of that good stuff. So, look, there are a lot of things to get to, as always got a little Reverend Al Charlotte in today. Got some juice. Please move away just because he's crooked people in Chicago of famously notoriously almost proudly corrupt city. The Democrats have corrupted the place for so long now that they actually celebrated where they like to you. On. Got a little juicy, small a update A cz. Well tonight. Of course we have Bill Clinton speaking at the thing Hey, was hoping to be there for the chicks, but now he's got to do it by zoom or something like that. Jill Biden. Excuse me, Dr Jill Biden. She's a world famous brain surgeon, Dr Jill Biden, who was a doctor of driving the workers. She is going to be the big headliner tonight. In fact, over That outranking the former president, Bill Clinton, who will probably hit on her if they're in the same room. Speaking of which a book is coming out. Now, Jill Biden turns out Jill Biden has an ex husband. First husband, ex first marriage tried, You know the training wheels. And it didn't work out. They got divorced, and Joe and Jill Biden have been going around telling everybody for a long time now, many years now that they met on a blind date, and it turns out that their whole story about how they first met ins romantic in the media. They coo and they And they preen and and it turns out the ex husband now of Jill Biden has a book coming out. Not so fast with that phony story Turns out they were screwing around behind his back, and Joe and Joe Biden, the senator and cheating ship she was Jill was cheating on her first husband with Joe Biden. You know, doing this adultery thing with Jill and while her husband was at home and now the ex husband is writing a book, a tell all book and you know what's happening. The news media is attacking him. They've got to do him in because that's their job as party representatives. Great stuff. The ST Louis couple that defended their home with a couple of firearms will be speaking, they'll have a speaking role at the Republican Convention. On. Of course, you know No Tex Watson from the Manson gang will be speaking at the Democratic Convention. Michael Once again. They have a hole with no flags. Boom. No flags for these guys. Great stuff. They don't like their flags. American flags are not their bag, baby..

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