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Jing monopolies of the west he became a trustee of stanford university stanford being a famous railroad baron and field saw the income tax as a form of socialism he wrote in his supreme court opinion explaining why the income tax to be strapped down bats here's the cloud the present assault upon capital is but the beginning it will be but the steppingstone to others larger and more sweeping till our political contests will become a war of the poor against the reg a war constantly growing in intensity and bitterness so that's pretty dark the question of what is the relationship between the federal government and individuals making money that was a hot area of constitutional too vaguely nineteenthcentury both the left and the right thought that the question of exactly how does the government regulate the economy what kind of economy are going to have what kind of inequality regon have what kind of redistribution are we going to have those questions were hot constitutional questions at this time even though today they don't feel like constitutional questions at all to issues lake antitrust issues like the gold standard the income tax these were all major constitutional debates both in the courts and in politics i mean the original conception of how the political konomi was going to work in the united states if you read people like thomas jefferson was weird heavyland of small producers and they weren't going to be dependent on others and then as the 19th century rolls along we get this massive economic upheaval and it quickly becomes clear in the late nineteenth century.

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