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And I think we should say probably that these four episodes of the first one non Johnny plays, a comedian who is kind of struggling and wants to be famous a very kind of a classic twilight. Yes. Very to me the setup is the most twilight zone. Yeah. And the second one Adam Scott plays a guy who's on a plane in kind of a spin on Zee William Shatner sees a monster on the wing of the plane episode, which is kind of a classic. But in that one it's a different kind of thing. It has some of the same dynamics. But the ending is really different and didn't work for me. Steven, what did you think about these? Well, I mean, I I will back up everything that these England is said the episode's tend to be too long. It is wildly uneven. Just like the original. I did find that from episode episode because you have completely different stories to completely different cast. You have these tonal shifts that can be really really wild. Especially from episode episode. I enjoyed the Camille non Johnny episode in part because so much of it is Camille Johnny on stage. So the fact that it dragged for fifty five minutes when it probably should have been thirty five didn't bother me as much. I thought the Adam Scott one was fine until that kind of dopey ending. Then you have the third episode replay with Sonali 'then, and it is a a more wrenching kind of hard sit. She's the mother of a son who is going to college and she's carrying around this old camcorder and she realizes through twilight zone. Ian nations that she can rewind time using the camcorder. And basically, the camera becomes a metaphor for for the eternal vigilance required of African Americans when dealing with the police, it is a very powerful episode. It is a very difficult episode to watch. But it is weird too. Have the experience of watching the twilight zone and have that burgling of dread and rage offset against the inherent corny -ness of the twilight zone where you have Jordan Peele kind of turn his head in twilight zone. And so that episode for me, you felt the corny nece butting up against intensity and sincerity and powerful storytelling. And then the fourth episode a traveler that's the one with Stephen Younan great career. It's an x files episodes executive. It's written expels writers. And I also think that is the one that is the most to me about that Steven young performance. I think there's there's not that much going in on in that one. That is interesting from story perspective for me. But I love that performance. He's such an interesting sued. It's interesting to watch this and also his performance in burning. He's got a real handle on these kind of uncomfortably confident. Sort of Weasley, but charming, he's got a real style. I love his performance in it. But I got to the end of it. And I was sorta like I mean, okay. I mean, the Somali thing when I do want to comment I love her. She's such a good actress. She's I go back with her to love and basketball and some other things, and she doesn't get necessarily as many great roles as she should. So I was really happy to see her in this. And I do think there's a poignancy to. I mean, the twilight zone has always been trying to use these hooks to tell a real story about morality, and I think it makes some sense that that morality has evolved a little bit because it's no longer. Just be careful what you wish for and stuff like that. I wrote about this. When I when I reviewed it for NPR, but surly had a real kind of don't, you know, just embrace your community. Don't let the community turn on each other. And this episode I like because it partly has an understanding that the community has already turned on certain people. There's not the same reverence. I don't think for the small town because a lot of times he would do the sort of the nuclear attack fear rips, the bandages off of all the wounds, and the small town turns on each other this I think relies more than understanding that it already is a very dangerous situation for a lot of people, and how they might respond one thing that is that I like about this series is that only one of the four that we've seen has point of view character..

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