Khalil Mack, Sylvie, Packers discussed on ESPN 1000 Post Game


Of these fancy things that they like to do. That in the history of this rivalry, however many times if play. Eight number of points scoring points. Scored is exactly. Yeah. Exactly. That's crazy. It is pretty odd. Next question. The most meaning. Ever. I've heard all week is that the last forebears coaches have all won their first road game in Green Bay things. Make me crazy. We'll Matt Nagy follows Cole hamels. For twenty three and tried. I've I've said I said before Khalil Mack was traded for I've said for weeks. Now, I think the bears are going to play them very close by away. Sylvie said in his twenty four twenty one. That's. I think it's gonna be close game. I'm going to protect the predicted twenty twenty five. I'm record. I hope they do that size. So finally. Point out that Sylvie put fourteen or fifteen. On the Packers. And yet in his like it love it. Tried to tell on the bears bathe and win. Any really he's gonna tell all of you guys. At least he's got his business centres, all you listeners. He's telling you, then he thinks the bears may win that he didn't think you guys we're going to be let in on his confidence picks were he has the Packers as the second or third most likely team to.

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