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Every morning Saturday at eight o'clock, Mike Rosen at the movies. So. Tell us about your take on the influence of Hollywood in the recent elections. Yeah. You know, obviously Hollywood is getting more and more political at happened again last month or two with the mid terms. Now, we know all the results and a lot of the candidates were backed by by the celebrity elite didn't win Stacey Abrams and better rook come to mind. Gonna curious. I think Hollywood is doing itself a disservice. Now Hollywood is left of center they want progressive candidates. They want the Democrats to win. That's all well and good. But I think that their hyperbole. They're sort of rage, and activism is hurting themselves. Because I don't think that moves the needle and give you a quick example of one way, I think may help out as Jennifer Lawrence today. Cut video gerrymandering in Colorado. And I think there's many other state that she directly kind of appeal to and it was a very, calm and sober and thoughtful. And it wasn't crazy wasn't sort of over the top. And I think if celebrities went that path, I think they would be more successful because I think the whole. Trump is Hitler. It's evil. It's concentration camps. I think even if you're left center or even an independent with an open mind. I don't think that really changes hearts and minds. I think people tune that out. But I think that Hollywood is so enraged at this point that they're missing out that message. I mean people like stars. We think they're attractive we watch their movies. I think we would be open to what they have to say. But I think when it's so over the top I think we're our minds just kind of shut down. You know, the old saying about the fourth wall between the stage and the audience. Yeah. When it comes to the movies between the the silver screen and the audience. Once upon a time in Hollywood and the golden era of Hollywood with all kinds of ugly stuff going on behind the scenes regarding the private allies of the actors and actresses studios kept those really quiet. Yeah. And for the most part some of the the leading figures in Hollywood actors actresses. At a low public profile other than when they were promoting their movies, the image that was created for them or that they created for themselves on the screen which was. A a common thread in so many of their performances talk about typecasting. That's the way they wanted to be perceived by the public. Yeah. So the movie hell Caesar touched upon that a little bit yesterday kind of micromanaging how they appeared before the audiences. Yeah. So you loved Jimmy Stewart, and you loved every single role that he performed and you wanted to believe what you saw on screen was what Jimmy Stewart was like in in his private life is well, that's not the case. And they're activists now they're very superficial. The great majority of them when it comes to politics. These are right brain people, not left brain people. They're more emotionally driven not quite as logically. And intellectually driven their position on issues has something to do with a a movie role. They once played and and now they're Sally field, for example. Yeah. What was the? Norma Rae Rae. Yeah. Other others like that who then take that screen persona and testify before congress about issues you've seen that. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So that's a that's a change, and I guess with their core audience who believe in their politics. It doesn't hurt them. But it turns off a lot of other people. It does initially leaves the industry where brands and reboots matter much more than the personality. Just because you have a Tom Hanks in a movie doesn't guarantee it's going to be successful. He's been in some flops in recent years, but if it's a transformer movie or a superhero movie or a reboot of a popular like Abe, breaking bad movie may do well at the box office because of that that's the brand. And opposite is going to have Aaron Paul and maybe Bryan Cranston. But the brand is awesome often more important than the Aila star. I don't think Jane Jane Fonda has policy politics in the sixties and seventies helped her movie career. I can't imagine. There are people who hate her to this day because of what she did during Vietnam. But they they're fabulously wealthy. And and they don't care a lot of the self-indulgence. Yeah. And you know, some of the recent. I call them celebrity PSA's vote for this way vote that way one of them had Kevin bacon. A few of the recognizable names talking about the act of voting. And it was it came off as very condescending. Like, we're adults. We know how to vote and if we don't we can go to Google and find out exactly where local precinct is or how to do it. It just kind of smug. I mean in this whole thing, we know voting is important we should vote, but constantly getting lectured for the two to three weeks before the election that you have to vote or else. I it just seems a little bit. You're talking about. They don't want you to just vote. And some some video say that in some videos are less aggressive in that tact. But the whole this is heavy vote. This is how I voted. We got it. We're we're okay. So enraged, lefties attack, Tucker Carlson's, personal resonance. Yeah. The this is anti fa they they showed up at his house. It not not as office not anywhere else is house, and we're banging on the door. They crack the door screaming horrible things about him. And he wasn't even there because they don't like his views. They don't like his politics and his wife as you mentioned being Tucker Carlson's wife being at home alone. And all of a sudden, there's someone's banging your door violently protesting. It's just by. Golly. It's his house. I mean, you know, engage in his ideas and try to defeat him that way. But this is really a terrible trend, by the way, the Democrats did relatively well in the recent election. Yeah, Tuesday, you didn't see Republicans taking to the streets blocking traffic. Did you know? I don't think I saw that at all in Colorado. The Democrats took control of the Senate. So they have both. Houses of the state legislature and the governor's they want all the state wide races journey general and treasurer and secretary of state there weren't protests by conservative. I was going to take a nap so conservative Republicans don't do that let the system work let the voting work. Okay. All right. We'll be back next Saturday day. What are we gonna review next week the Grinch, and maybe even overlord news zombie movie set during World War Two very good?.

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