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Is left in the field to rot that's the news I'm you can make all his good evening nine oh three on Bob Williams in the KFBK traffic center I has reporters of push person standing in the roadway fifty eight hundred block of manzanita Avenue this is near hilltop drive what else is going on I'm awful lot pretty quiet out there not found sunrise Boulevard of winding way has reported there to the disabled vehicle in the turn lane the number two lane there blocking the south side of the intersection sees peace the scene so that should get cleaned up fairly quickly not a lot of construction activity is kind of went out there long term projects to would just be aware of eighty westbound shoulder work from Bollman to Haynes in plaster county also work on the offramp lanes north and southbound five at the garden highway east bound garden highway some surface street work between in garden highway and the el Comino Avenue over cross is going to be actually this is on my I. five on the side there watch out for that also southbound five one of the two pocket road on ramps to southbound five is close to the twentieth of December and your long term project for the Thomas levee project wing includes the closure of the garden highway from west of trucks sold to north cable of our next update at nine thirty three traffic every ten minutes mornings and afternoons news ninety three point one KFBK for calling tonight we'll see a little rain and drizzle later one will be forty to fifty two and then for tomorrow we start out with a leftover shower in spots but otherwise just mostly cloudy skies as we sixty to sixty four any kind.

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