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We'll zoom in on a tuesday morning. Shake ornette bart scott filling in for the guys. What were you gonna say. Can i just wanted to apologize to everybody. I've been told that i wasn't talking to the mike. Mike had a case of the holocaust is gotta wipe down. And i'm all good. I'm all into mike i listened. I can smell my bad breath. Smell somebody else's apologizing for today's show where the last year that you've worked your that you haven't talked into the microphone we'll blah. Mike has had a case of toll. Since i've been on the show. I can't smell somebody else. Bad breath i don't know who it is ain't call her by al qaeda. But you know what i'm saying now. We good is with fresh here. We now i don't remember. My beer are particles on desma words. A little disgusting. I saw some bronco alenia broccoli. And i can't be. I can't get with this disgusting. Okay anyways a bart scott and shake cornet with good breath. Down with the microphones. Here keyshawn jalen zubin presented by progressive insurance. You could save big when you bundle your home auto motorcycle. Rv or visit progressive dot com. Okay the giants part of the nfc east and part of the nfc is actually reporting the training camp this week. That would be the dallas cowboys and the pittsburgh steelers. They're part of the hall of fame game but cowboys part of that. Nfc east and yesterday saquon. Barkley gave an update on his health. He was asked. Will he be ready for training camp and or week one of the nfl season. And here's what he had to say. Take a listen. We'll see day by day with whenever i'm able to get out there. Not just for sapien healthy myself. I will need all right. So basically we'll see was the answer to will he be ready to go. And so this opens a lot of question marks for saquon barkley who i think. We can agree no matter what they've done in the drafter and free agency or how much better daniel jones get looked saquon. Barkley is the best offensive player on that giant squad if he returns to what he was at least his rookie year And so does it concern you at all this. we'll see. we're not sure if he's ready to go. I do want to point out though. If you follow saquon on social media he is showing you those workouts and he looks all very prepared for the of the season now. I'm obviously not a former football player. You are so you can speak better to this. Well i see his quiet confidence. And there's one of those. I don't wanna put any bulletin board material out there. Remember jobs where he comes from right. Humble-pie let's not let opponents know what we're thinking. I think he is a quiet confidence. That happened early in the season week too. I think that's more than enough time as you look at it. You think about week to that. What's that almost eleven or ten months of rehab use. It takes about eight. You know it's gonna take a little while for him to trusted right. That's usually what you here. We talk about coming back from that type of injury being able to cut being able to stick that foot in the ground and be able to apply pressure. You know lean against something you have to drive. You have to fight for a couple of yards. That's what makes it so much more difficult for running back because he's reacting to what happened front of him but you know the giants season arrest on sacred barclays legs. Because you have to make this team two dimensional not one dimensional men to one dimensional. And it's surprising that keith. All that he catches the ball well because he does and he showed that off the bat. That was one of the best things he did as a rookie as he will has seven hundred yards receiving his rookie year and understand. I love my players on that one year proven type of deal right because remember. Joe judge may admire saquon. Barkley even love the way he is and he listened. He's a face of a franchise when you want somebody to represent you and be outstanding talk about class. Personify that saquon barkley. He says all the right things he does all the right things. But he's at a position which you don't have to spend a first round draft pick on to get productivity when you think about chubb you think about alvin kamara. You think about all the great running backs in league. Most of them have come in the rounds. They didn't have a one in front of it But he's the engine that's going to have to push his team forward. And i i just can't wait to see how he's going to perform because the pressures on and i think pressure bus pipes but pressure also makes diamonds and i believe they're sake wants more but diamond his for as a burst pipe. Yeah and so him. Being healthy though is is critical to this giants team success. It doesn't matter what they did in the offseason and just to add a few names here that we didn't see on this giants roster last year. Let me lift some offer. You dorie jackson kenny. Golladay kyle rudolph leonard williams. They drafted as these like. They've got some playmakers now. Both sides of the ball but the thing is in terms of saquon barkley and what he can do this year you have to remember. There's an added game to the schedule. This is a seventeen game played. It's not a sixteen game slate. Sophie doesn't feel a hundred percent. The preseason forget training camp if he doesn't feel hundred percent heading into week one who by the way they faced the denver broncos at home let us let them rest put him on. Snap count. Whatever it is. You don't want to rush what you're calling the face of their franchise it i i. I agree with that like back to any sort of situation that he doesn't feel comfortable with daniel. Jones also needs to take a step forward this year for the giants. I mean that goes without saying right like he's limited turnovers a little bit last year and obviously you saw some games where he took some step forward but this needs to be where he solidified as the franchise starting quarterback going forward for the long haul and so now in talking about saquon barkley. How much of daniel. Jones success is predicated on saquon. Barkley coming back fully healthy. I mean it's totally right. Because what happens is when you put it in in danny dimes hands you. You don't have a strong running game and you can't manipulate the eyes of the safeties or the linebacker so they're gonna have tremendous depth because they're saying hey we can react to the run second because we believe that they can't run the ball well against the weekend win our one on one match up to the front so then now you have colds windows but when you have a guy that's running the ball well like you all the time but ryan tannehill like how many..

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