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Center a forty eight year old man was hospitalized that last night after a hit and run in pacific county the state patrol says it happened around eight forty five when a pickup truck hit the man was walking southbound on state route one zero five at logan road the extent of the victims injuries is unknown to talk then fled the scene anyone with information or who was a witness to the incident is asked to call state patrol detectives are still seeking witnesses to the tragic hit and run collision that took the life of a ferry worker early thursday komo suzanne phan says with the help of the public they are making progress on who is responsible investigators have now found what they believe is the car involved in the collision a gold two thousand two chevy impala matches evidence that we found at the scene so confident we have the right vehicle now we just have to keep working towards getting the driver of that katie phillips had just finished her shift early thursday morning she stopped by to pick up some gas after encountering a driver stranded on the side of the road according to investigators katie went back to help the driver she was putting gas into the tank of the suv when someone drove by struck haiti and kept on going katie supervisor at the southworth ferry terminal along with friends and colleagues are all heartbroken she didn't deserve us she didn't deserve this suzanne phan komo news students teachers and activists hit the streets across western washington yesterday for the local march for our lives they want tougher gun control laws and an end to school shootings many.

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