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Platform get paid sixty cents a mile so you have a fifty eight percent IRA deduction which is better you know you can deduct it off your taxes obviously well how many to send can you put together to make money right now so the situation is grim but you know let's not be too pessimistic hopefully we'll go through it and survived but I'm not sure if uber is working with the federal government to create some sort of subsidy because from what I'm understanding the federal government is working on some sort of package to aid all the twenty million people who lost their jobs this week his name is very Graham I mean it is very Graham it is very good about my background in finance I was on Wall Street for nineteen years but I thought I had seen all of it I don't think I didn't expected obviously but going back to the driver situation over considers everybody independent contractors not employees so these drivers don't have any of the benefits that come with being an employee to hopefully the federal package that they're going to pass it's going to give them some sort of subsidy some sort of help with a car payment I would have thought overlooked by now maybe with four girls you know for for give the card payment on told the masses over with but they haven't done it so far they have not I'm surprised that they have and how many how many uber drivers are there nationwide nationwide over one point eight million since those two million people that are driving around in March and so with the uber eats if you were to transfer over to that is the pay about the same hello to radically less it's probably I would say thirty to forty percent less wow so we are facing same thing with Instacart same thing with all the others of the services so if the delivery is say fifty dollars and you have to drive fifteen minutes to the restaurant five minutes at waiting at the restaurant okay and then maybe ten minutes of the half hour how much would you make say a half hour per hour with uber eats well I mean fifty dollars orders are hard to come by but indeed it did make it to that point over each pays just like overexposed by miles a minute but it only starts when you do have the delivery in your hands so if you're going to wait twenty minutes at the restaurant you don't get paid for that wait time so by miles I mean it's just like it is with regret so if you're going to have to get to the restaurant you don't get paid to drive just like we don't get paid to drive in to pick up a passenger on our way to the passenger we don't get paid for that the restaurant located five miles away well that's on you then you have to go there and wait okay ten twenty minutes whatever it is for the food I want to pick up the food you swipe on your app that I'm ready to go that's when you start getting it is not that much it's really not that much since you're in a very very difficult position and and I hope that you know over in less that they they do take a look at these car payments that you guys are panning out of hand because in the gig economy you know this is something that everybody always talked about you know be your own boss make your own hours do whatever you want and then suddenly we begin to kind of he's gone so what are you going to do that how are you going to put food on the table and I'm so thankful that our administration you know politics doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican they were all coming together as a nation to say you know what we are going to survive we are going to get through this stay right where you are we have a digital life pack coming out about how you can set up mobile payments to avoid the corona virus and of course we have more of your phone calls here on the Kim commando show.

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